Check Out This Concert With Instruments Made of Ice

There’s something so enchanting about this concert, and it’s not just the sounds that are made from the instruments that are constructed from ice. Apparently this is an annual concert that takes place wherever the band can find a suitable venue. Due to warming temperatures they had to move further north for this year’s concert, but it was no less beautiful for all of this. Something about the northern lands seems to bring forth a different and very haunting style of music that is simply heavenly to the ear and so peaceful in a way that you could find yourself completely at ease just by listening. While it’s not certain whether the tunes are completely original and unique, meaning they might pull from earlier songs and cultural sounds, the effect is still absolutely great since it lulls the listener in a way that is hard to deny.

The ice instruments are quite beautiful really and are no doubt crafted to whatever specs are needed in order to get them to produce the kind of sounds they need. It makes a person wonder however just how long they can be played before the vibrations and the striking start to take an effect. Perhaps performing in the colder climate helps out a bit with this. This would most definitely be a concert a person came to in order to listen to the music and enjoy it, not to simply party and get wild. This kind of concert seems more for those that are first willing to travel to wherever it’s at and dress warmly, and then possibly just huddle in groups and listen intently.

This style of music is a very acquired taste since it moves at its own pace and doesn’t go too fast or too incredibly slow. It moves at a tempo that’s all its own and essentially asks nothing more than for the people listening to understand as much.  Such music is really for the performer more than anyone since they are typically the first ones to get a charge out of it and will be those that continue to do it because they want to, not so much because the fans want them to. It is great that such a concert has gotten this kind of attention however since it would be a great experience to bundle up and go see. Anyone wanting to do so however will have to wait for next year it seems as they just got done with their 2018 show and likely won’t be back until next year, hopefully in roughly the same place. It’s hard to know when you perform on a glacier really since they tend to move a bit now and again.

For anyone that likes a good show and would appreciate this kind of music however this would be a great experience no doubt. It might take some doing to get there depending on where you are, but it would be very worth it. Music like this hard to find if you’re a picky listener.

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