Celebrate National Doughnut Day with Ed O’Neill’s “Glen” From Wayne’s World

I’m not sure if all of you folks are aware that not only is today Friday but it’s also National Doughnut Day.   While I couldn’t care less about the amount of useless holidays we conjure up here in the United States, I can certainly stand behind a day where there’s a 99% chance you can locate a place that will give you a free doughnut.   My only beef is that there’s no way I’m waiting on a huge line for a free doughnut when they cost like 75 cents on a normal day.

But just so we can appreciate all that is National Doughnut Day I figured I’d share a few clips of who I consider to be the best doughnut shop character of all-time.  He also happens to be my favorite Wayne’s World character as well:  Glen.   Glen is the guy who woks at Stan’s in the movie Wayne’s World.  He’s played by Ed O’Neill and is as Ed O’Neill as Ed O’Neill can get.   Glen’s got a couple of screws loose, as he should since he pretty much works at Stan’s 24 hours a day.

Below are three clips of Glen at his best and probably encompass every moment he’s in Wayne’s World as well as the sequel.  Happy National Doughnt Day!

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