The CCleaner Hack is Very Real: Here’s What You Need To Know

Is there anything more irritating than a hacker trying to get whatever they can for their own malicious reasons? The CCleaner hack is a very real problem that occurred between August and September and was designed to gain as much information as possible about whichever computers it was uploaded to. With any luck it wasn’t able to do so, which is what Avast, the distributor for CCleaner, has reported.

It’s kind of hard to imagine any more what life was like before we were all so plugged into our computers. Fraud used to be something far different and much harder to detect. In this day and age however it’s not much easier but it’s a lost more damaging. Hackers that manage to find a way into your system can quite possibly take everything from you. If they know enough about your life there isn’t much that they can’t access.

A lot of people keep most of their pertinent information online, in the Cloud, or in files on their computer that are easily accessible if one has the right software and capabilities. This has manage to make some people paranoid to the point that they studiously avoid doing anything online unless they the type of maximum protection that costs an arm and a leg. If not then they avoid the internet altogether and live off the web, therefore minimizing the risk and keeping away from any possible trouble.

That isn’t quite enough to be one hundred percent safe but it’s close enough for a lot of people. The CCleaner virus is a good example of why no one trusts anything online anymore, especially if they can’t see who they’re getting it from. Paranoia on the web is a pretty natural thing anymore and has become so widespread that security companies have been on the rise.

Unfortunately hackers are not the seemingly innocent people that you might see in movies and on TV. They are individuals that are not so much on a mission to liberate people but to take from them everything that they can without remorse or conscience. Any person that steals from another is a thief no matter how they do it, but hackers are just a bit worse since they are more akin to home invaders since they tend to use viruses that can either either wipe out a person’s data or allow the hacker to use their system as they see fit to obtain vital information.

It might sound kind of far-fetched and more akin to the movies than real life, but hackers in real life are very dangerous and are typically very good at what they do. Some of them have created viruses that can’t be so easily dislodged, while others have seemed to devote their lives to causing as much anarchy as they can. The saddest part about hackers is that a lot of them are bright, intelligent people, but such emotions as greed and the need to see people suffer tend to drive them to such acts.


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