CBS Orders Pilots for L.A. Confidential and an Eric Holder-Inspired Drama

Every year, we see more and more new shows and hit series making their way onto prominent networks, hoping to spark interest with the thousands of audience viewers that tune in each night. This is the similar case for CBS, as they are currently in the works to order pilot episodes for new dramas. As of now, there are four pilots that will be in the works, and will feature some prominent names that we know will peak the interest of many all across the nation. We are going to reveal these pilot episodes and drama series that are in the works for CBS, and what viewers can expect to see as well.

“L.A. Confidential”

This is the pilot that is getting the most attention after having ordered the pilot episode. The drama series will be based off of the best selling crime novel of the same name, that was written by James Ellroy. The novel, and subsequently, the pilot, will center around a police force operating during the 1950s era. The novel has already been turned into a feature film that was released back in 1997. The film was critically acclaimed and widely received by many, and even earned some Oscar wins for its impeccable story.

“Main Justice”

This is the second pilot episode that was ordered by the CBS network, and it will be entitled “Main Justice”. This series is set to center around the life of former attorney general Eric Holder and his time serving for the Justice Department; Eric Holder is also set to be an executive producer on the new show. It seems as though we are seeing more and more of these biopic series and films taking place nowadays, and we are getting pretty excited for this one.

Two More Pilots In Line

There are two other pilot episodes that are set to be put on the roster for CBS. The third of these is that of “Red Line”, which will be a series that centers a white cop who accidentally shoots a black doctor (we are seeing a similar storyline in the Netflix original series “Seven Seconds”, in which a white cop accidentally shoots a black teenager, causing a major stir). The final pilot is that of “The Code”, which is going to be a series that focuses on lawyers who also have Marine Corps training in their background.

Although there is not a lot of information just yet regarding these shows, we are getting pretty excited for the upcoming CBS lineup. These big titles and storylines that are being presented are helping to entice fans and viewers of all ages, and will only get better as more details and buzz surround the hype. Just like all of you should be out there, we can’t wait to tune in and set our DVRs for these up and coming pilots, and we hope that these series make it for the long haul as well. Stay tuned for more information on these and more pilots as they start coming in.

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