Castle 3.10 “Last Call” Review

Castle 3.10 “Last Call” Review

Castle 3.10 “Last Call” ReviewCastle is that kind of show that usually makes you smile. While it deals with rather gruesome murders on a weekly basis, at the end of the episode you are usually in such a good mood because it was an entire hour of pure entertainment. Of course from time to time they deliver intense and thrilling episodes, but those are usually the exception to the rule.

‘Last Call’was not an exception. It wasn’t the series’best episode by a long shot, but it was extremely entertaining to watch. The case was okay and so was the outcome, but the getting there was phenomenal. It had history, pop culture references, liquor and the ever present sizzling chemistry between Castle and Beckett. That combination made up for a really, really good episode.

In this latest case, Castle and Beckett found themselves with a mystery linking back to the Prohibition Era. A retired navy officer was killed by a very, very expensive murder weapon: an 1875 St. Miriam Scotch Whiskey worth 26 thousand dollars. With a lot of twists and turns, a bar that dated back to the Prohibition Era and secret passageways, this episode goes down as a must watch over and over again. There were so many great moments and one-liners I wouldn’t even know where to start listing them.

What I really liked to see was the camaraderie between all of the characters: the boys, the Captain, but especially between Castle and Beckett. I can’t help but noticing that they have both come a long way since season 1. They went from strangers to something very close to best friends. It was not the first time I’ve noticed it that Castle seems to tell Beckett a lot about his life, something we didn’t see much of before. And she’s always willing to give him advice and even share little tidbits about her past. The writers have managed to make this transition so smoothly we didn’t even notice it. That is character development at its best.

Something else worth discussing is the return of Beckett’s invisible boyfriend. Sure we know he is a cardiac surgeon who rides a motorcycle, but that’s pretty much it. The guy has pretty much been non-existent for the past six episodes and I was almost glad they finally mentioned him again. Almost because Kate seemed so comfortable about her relationship — to the point of telling Castle about it — that I couldn’t help but wonder how they are going from now to this in just a few episodes? Upon second viewing, I had a different thought. It’s interesting that Kate was so willing to leave her very hot, handsome and perfect boyfriend behind to indulge in one of Castle’s crazy theories. And it’s not the first time it has happened either. So what are we supposed to take from that?

In all honesty, I wasn’t really into the singing in the end — although Stana Katic really surprised me; that girl can sing — but that was such a minor glitch that I am willing to overlook it. Not that it was bad; I am just not a big fan of established dramas suddenly turning into musicals. But that’s just me. From what I have seen around the web, most fans really enjoyed it.

All in all, very good episode. Not the best of the season, but it deserves at the very least an A-.

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