Castle 3.21 “The Dead Pool” Review

Castle 3.21 “The Dead Pool” ReviewCan we all take a moment to soak in how awesome ‘The Dead Pool’was? After a streak of just okay episodes, we were finally treated with something that can actually be referred to as Classic Castle. The case was interesting, the one-liners throughout the episode were hilarious and that chemistry between Castle and Beckett we love so much? It’s back with full force.

It’s no secret that I’ve been a tad disappointed with the past few episodes — ever since Countdown, to be more specific — and the lack of emotional continuity was really bothering me. I was looking forward to last night’s episode because it seemed like it was going to be very similar to episode 3.11 ‘Nikki Heat’, only backward. At the same time I was excited for it, I was also dreading it a little because the past few episodes didn’t exactly give me hope to see any progress between our dynamic duo any time soon.

And let’s face it, most fans watch Castle because of the relationships, not because of the cases.

So when ‘The Dead Pool’started last night, I was torn between excitement and, at the same time, trying not to hope too much to save myself from further disappointment. In a way, I am glad I didn’t expect much from this episode because I could enjoy it a whole lot more. The prediction that it would be similar to ‘Nikki Heat’was spot on, but it also served to highlight the difference between how Castle and Beckett each handle their emotions. In ‘Nikki Heat’, we had a chance to see a jealous Beckett. However, we all know she is a very closed off person, so that jealousy was played very subtly. We could clearly see that she was jealous, but she didn’t demonstrate it much in front of Castle.

In ‘The Dead Pool’, the circumstances were reversed and so were the characters’reactions. While Beckett was very subtle and kept her jealousy to herself earlier this season, Castle did the exact opposite last night. He tried to be subtle, but we all know he is an open book when it comes to emotions (at least when compared to Beckett) and everyone could clearly see that jealousy was eating him alive from the moment his protégé, Alex Conrad (guest star Brendan Hines), laid eyes on Detective Beckett. He complained to his family about it and even made it his mission to teach the poor guy a lesson with his mystery writer buddies during poker night.

Castle 3.21 “The Dead Pool” Review

I’m going to be honest here; just like with ‘Nikki Heat’, I didn’t pay that much attention to the case, even though last night’s case was slightly more interesting than the one in ‘Nikki Heat’. The interaction between all the characters was just so much more entertaining that all my attention was focused on that. It was hilarious to see that Beckett was actually getting a kick out of the whole situation.

What was also great to see was that they seem to be closer than ever. Notion of personal space seems to be a thing of the past for them. They also don’t care about the speaker function in their phones and are glad to put their heads together and share a call. That scene alone showed us the giant progress they have made from season 1 until now.

Up until the last five minutes of the episode, I still didn’t think that we were going to see much in the Castle/Beckett front. I was actually resigned to the fact that, if anything were to happen to move things along this season, it would only be during May sweeps, starting with the upcoming LA episode.

And then The Powers That Be completely surprised me because, not only did they have Beckett confronting Castle about giving Alex a hard time because he didn’t want the young writer hanging out with his muse, he actually came right out and admitted that he was jealous and that he wanted her all to himself.

If that is not a declaration of his true feelings for her, I don’t know what is. Then, as if that wasn’t amazing enough, Beckett proceeds to tell him that she thinks his jealousy is actually sweet and that he doesn’t have to worry about anything because from now on she is ‘a one writer girl’. Could that be the big gesture from Castle that will finally open Beckett’s eyes to what’s been right in front of her all this time?

Seriously, kids, what are you two waiting for to get together?

Castle 3.21 “The Dead Pool” Review

And for those that — like me — were getting tired of the one step forward, two steps back routine, it looks like we are back on the right track and at full speed ahead. Dare I hope things will continue that way?

On a side note, their tribute to Stephen J. Cannell was really touching.

The sad news is that we are starting yet another 3-week hiatus and Castle will return with ‘To Love And Die in LA’on May 2nd.

Overall, ‘The Dead Pool’was a very, very good episode. My favorite since ‘Knockdown’.



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