Castle 3.03 “Under the Gun” Recap

Castle 3.03 “Under the Gun” Recap

Castle 3.03 “Under the Gun” RecapI would like to suggest changing the name of Castle after this week’s episode. While Nathan Fillion is as awesome as awesome can possibly get, Stana Katic owned ‘Under the Gun.” For a while now, Detective Beckett has been catching my eye more and more and it seems — to me, at least — that she is taking her turn in the spotlight this season. We got a glimpse of that awesome power back in 2.13 ‘Sucker Punch’and then again in the combo 2.17 ‘Tick Tick Tick’and 2.18 ‘Boom’, but this week Stana hit it out of the park.

It was beautiful to watch all the layers coming down and all the different nuances of emotion that girl can express in a second’s notice. I was already a Beckett fan, but right now, I love her even more. We not only got to find out a tiny little bit about her past, but we also saw that, deep down, she’s just a girl. Beneath all that tough cop exterior, there’s a woman who can be sensitive, romantic and playful and, while she does what needs to be done when it comes down to it, we could see that she was brokenhearted after being betrayed by one of the people she trusted the most.

That said, this week’s episode delivered an interesting — and entirely amusing — case. A jewel heist, a treasure hunt and several betrayals had to make for an awesome episode. It all starts when Deon Carver, a bail bondsman, is murdered in his office. The team is called in to investigate and find out that someone had bugged his office and called 911 after Carver was murdered. If that wasn’t enough, Lanie also finds a piece of paper with strange symbols on it hidden inside the victim’s sock. While Beckett dismisses it as the world’s least interesting doodle, Castle thinks it could mean something important like a secret code.

When they get back to the bullpen, Castle tells Beckett that Alexis had asked for a Vespa earlier that morning and Kate promptly warns him that Little Castle is entering her wild child phase and that every girl goes through it at some point. Castle gets even more worried about his little girl and the present she’s asked for.

Carver’s wife is brought in for questioning and says that she didn’t know much about her husband’s work and he never talked to her about it. Castle shows her the paper Lanie found hidden in his sock, but she says she has never seen it before.

Castle 3.03 “Under the Gun” RecapThe boys start asking around the neighborhood if anyone had some kind of dispute with Deon Carver and a waitress says a guy named Random Pierce got into a shouting match with Carver the night he was murdered. Random had recently spent sometime in jail and had just been released on probation. Castle and Beckett go pick him up at his last known address and when they get there, Random sees them and runs away, instigating a rather amusing chase through New York traffic. When they’re catching up to him, a car comes out of nowhere and hits Random. Beckett starts complaining that it’s her suspect and the guy has no business chasing him, when she finally sees who it is: Mike Royce, her long time friend and training officer, who is a bounty hunter now. Everyone is happy at the reunion and they take Random back to the precinct for questioning.

Castle can’t wait to hear all the embarrassing stories about Beckett and stays behind with Royce while Kate interrogates Random. He says that he didn’t kill Carver and has an alibi. In fact, he was trying to shoplift a book and the guard who caught him at the book store can attest to that. Beckett goes back to the bullpen and finds Royce telling the boys funny stories about their time together. Later, Royce takes Random to Central for booking and Castle is thoroughly impressed at his stories. Beckett teases him that he’s got a bromance going on and tells him she doesn’t blame him; after all, Royce is pretty hard to resist.

Later, they get an ID on a partial finger print from Carver’s office and it belongs to Clifford Stuckey, whose home Random had broken into just a couple of weeks before. That can’t be a coincidence, so Beckett sends Esposito and Ryan to go pick him up for questioning. When they get there, however, Stuckey is an old guy who needs the aid of a walker to get around. They take him to the precinct and Beckett asks what he was doing in Carver’s office. He tells her that he went there to talk to Carver about the kid who had broken into his apartment, because the victim had been the one to post bail on Random. Stuckey says he just wanted to talk to the kid, to give him a chance to right his ways. Beckett releases him after he alibis out, but before he leaves, she notices he’s looking right at the mysterious paper with strange symbols up on the murder board.

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