Casting a Harley Quinn Origins Movie

Casting a Harley Quinn Origins Movie

Despite the idea for a Suicide Squad 2 movie (feel free to roll your eyes) it seems that focusing on the one person that caught a lot of people’s attention in the first place would be best. Yep, an origin story for Harley Quinn seems like it would pull in a lot more interest for the simple reason that 1) She’s a lot more colorful character than many of those on the Squad, 2) She has a great deal of sex appeal and a lot of craziness to round it out, and 3) She’s a more dynamic and ultimately more fun character that is a lot more versatile than many and the fans have taken a liking to both of the iconic looks that she’s rocked in the recent past. In other words she’s perfect since she brings the role of the bad guy to the forefront without any apology or even a hint of remorse for who she is and what she likes to do. In fact the only emotion she ever really seems to show on screen usually ends up leading to something that’s destructive and ultimately self-serving since she’s not the kind of girl you count on to be anything but nuts and aggressive given that she’s so hooked on one single person that seems to focus on her downfall so often. But if we’re talking an origin story here, you do kind of have to get the juices flowing and think about just who you would get to really round out the cast.

Here are a few ideas.

Margot Robbie – Harley Quinn

This is a big duh moment if you didn’t already think about it. If she could be brought back to a solo movie of the psychotic woman with the pigtails then it would be perfect since she picked up the role and made it absolutely work without much effort it seems. The mere fact that she was so easy to believe in Suicide Squad is enough to make a person think that she could do it again and make it work to an even greater degree. Now some might argue, and rightly so, that we saw her origin in Suicide Squad, but there’s a big difference between an origin story that’s just a small fraction of the movie and a story that exists as its own entity, and there’s a whole lot more that could be unveiled about Harley than we’ve already seen.

Jared Leto – The Joker

Whether or not he would come back is a good question since it seems as though he took this character a little too seriously and stuck with it even off screen. The ‘gifts’ he would send his costars were, as Michelle Regelado has written, were pretty disturbing but somehow on point since he was able to stay in character the whole time. Normally I would gladly say let Heath Ledger try this one on for size but for the fact that he passed away. His Joker seems like he might have been more aggressive than Leto’s, but in the current moment Leto seems like the best bet since he did go decidedly nuts when he was in character and even scared the director at times with his antic. So yes, Leto would get the vote for the clown prince.

Scott Adkins – Batman

This is the big trio to be honest, the three that should be the most highly considered when it comes to casting for this type of movie, and every other part could be considered to be quite open and able to be accommodating for many actors. But the reason for choosing Scott Adkins from a list that was compiled by Matthew Jessim of Men’s Journal is that Adkins has the dark and brooding look of Bruce Wayne and also has the martial skill that Batman is supposed to be able to display when he needs it. The Joker and Harley aren’t necessarily technical fighters like Batman, but have definitely employed those that are able to fight on their behalf. Plus, when it comes to physicality Harley is no slouch herself and can take on a few people in the DC universe toe to toe. Adkins would be a fun addition to a movie that’s already expected to be something of a wild ride.

Honestly and truly this would be a great movie to watch and something fun to see happen but since we can say that without cracking up too badly you know that it might never get made or will be botched entirely since the movie gods seem to listen and then pull a fast one on us too often when it comes to giving the fans what they want. But yes, this movie would be undeniably great and would bring forth a character that’s been a sidekick for quite a while and needs to be her own person finally.

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