Captain Marvel is Rumored To Be Evil in Avengers 5

Captain Marvel is Rumored To Be Evil in Avengers 5

Captain Marvel

It’s kind of easy to wonder if D.J. Rivera of We Got This Covered and the rest of the bunch are being fed erroneous facts at some point since they have admitted to being wrong in the past, but on this one it would be interesting if they were entirely correct. Seeing Captain Marvel go evil would be another serious threat to the MCU that wouldn’t be quite on the same level as Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet since not even Carol can wipe out that many people all at once, but it would still be a dire threat. If however this is going to happen, and it may very well, it’s safe to assume that the MCU is going to have to bring in some seriously heavy hitters to contend with her, such as the Silver Surfer, which will hopefully be in the mix eventually. The Fantastic Four would be enough to at least get her attention while the rest of earth’s heroes would no doubt be able to tie her up for a bit while someone figured out a way to bring her out of her funk. But the Surfer would, by all accounts, mop up on Carol unless her power levels were taken to such an extreme that she became almost god-like, meaning she’d be on par with Galactus and several other cosmic entities that are so far beyond the regular heroes.

We’ve been hearing for a while now that Captain Marvel is supposed to become the toughest and most powerful hero in the MCU, and it’s struck a nerve with a lot of people, especially those that have read the comics and know that this just isn’t the case. The Hulk is supposed to be able to knock her into space with a punch when he’s not even enraged, and other heroes have gone toe to toe with her and come out the other side doing just fine. Thor is another consideration as a character that can stand against Carol, particularly if he has the Odin Force and is finally given full use of his powers and his fighting prowess as he’s had in the comics. The need to push Carol as such a powerhouse, no matter that she is, and leave everyone else in the dust has been kind of an annoyance that many fans have been kind of vocal about. Saim Cheeda of CBR has something else to say when it comes to Thor and Captain Marvel, and it’s pretty even-handed in its own way.

After Thanos though the prospect of Carol going evil isn’t exactly that worrisome since earth has proven that it has champions that are up to the task of taking on those that want to dominate it, and has managed to field several individuals that are capable and definitely can draw upon some powerful reserves. Now that Iron Man is gone though, supposedly, it’s easy to think that the genius factor will have to be evened out, but if Reed Richards and the rest of the Fantastic Four are coming it might be easy to think that Carol would be hard-pressed to really do much terrorizing of the earth, no matter if she’s being possessed. If the MCU would pull the trigger and bring the Sentry out then there would be no doubt that Captain Marvel would be held back without a doubt. Or maybe it’s time to bring the X-Men in around that time and see if Rogue can be put on the team.

After all, Rogue did get her powers after holding onto Captain Marvel for a little too long, remember? As Tim Stevens of Marvel reminds us Rogue and Captain Marvel do have a storied history since Captain Marvel is where Rogue ended up getting a couple of her long-term abilities and the capability of going toe to toe with one of the strongest people in Marvel comics. The ability to absorb the powers, memories, and even mannerisms of another person make Rogue a very dangerous individual, and she’s proven this over the years in several fights. So it’s very interesting to think that by the time we see an evil Captain Marvel we might hopefully get to see what the MCU is going to do with the X-Men.

However it happens, this is bound to be a big turning point in the MCU as the next phase continues to roll on, but it does feel as though it might take things in a different direction than people are hoping for, if only for a while. Tell me that seeing Rogue and Captain Marvel laying into each other wouldn’t be fun though, just try. There are so many possibilities at this point that one can’t help but hope for the most gripping stories possible. We’ll have to wait and see what we get though.

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