10 Things You Didn’t Know about Byron Mann

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Byron Mann

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Byron Mann

If you look closely at Byron Mann you might recognize him from a few different projects since he’s been around for a while and has been contributing to show business in a big way since entering after college. Like several of his peers in the industry he’s a very educated man and studied law during his college years and is a member of the California bar. Byron strikes a lot of people as the type of all-around character that can do pretty much anything he’s asked and yet might be underestimated by those that don’t know him well enough. Throughout his career though he’s been seen to accomplish quite a bit even if he hasn’t been paid as much or garnered as much attention as other actors. It seems that he’s pretty happy where he is and has amassed enough of a following to suit him, which is of course one of the most important things in life no matter how far one goes.

Here are a few things about Byron you might not have known.

10. If you don’t recall he played Ryu in Street Fighter.

The unfortunate part is that this movie was highly forgettable since it attempted to simply mash every character into place and make it work no matter if it was kind of choppy and even in some cases a bit slopped over. But he and his fellow fighter Ken made their way through the movie as criminals to begin with and ended up fighting alongside the good guys by the end.

9. He’s been way more prominent in TV.

Byron has had a lot more TV appearances than he has in the movies but in truth he’s been all over the place when it comes to acting in general since it doesn’t seem as though he’s taken all that much time off throughout his career. Some people are simply workhorses when it comes to their acting career and don’t seem to get enough attention or credit for it, but Byron just keeps moving forward and taking what’s given.

8. Byron is trained in wushu.

He’s not one of these stars that picks up the fighting techniques and trains for hours on end to perfect a scene only to lose the skill almost entirely once the movie or show is done. Byron actually knows how to fight and what he’s doing when on the set as he’s been training for quite some time.

7. When he was younger he was one of the best tennis players in Hong Kong.

He was ranked as number 2 in Hong Kong for players 16 and under back in the day which tells you that this man’s focus is absolute when he’s going after something. Despite not being number one you can imagine that being number 2 is still impressive since there were likely a lot of people to beat out for that spot.

6. Ironically he was pick-pocketed while playing Street Fighter in an arcade.

Not only that, but he was apparently playing his own character, Ryu, when someone decided to pick his pocket. either he didn’t notice or wasn’t about to leave the game when it happened since being trained as he is you can imagine that the individual wouldn’t have liked the result had they been caught.

5. He does have a noticeable following on social media.

His followers number well below 13 thousand but at the same time this tends to mean that people do know or remember who he is and are invested enough that they want to know more about him. If you look back at his resume he’s done quite a bit that a lot of people can easily recall from memory if they try.

4. He’s been a stunt performer as well as an actor.

It’s impressive to think that he’s doing his own stunts from time to time and will possibly even take on the stunts for other actors, one would think anyway, when called upon to do so. Byron really does seem like the all-around type of actor that’s there to help out and make sure that a production is able to move forward as much as possible.

3. For one episode he did show up as the mentor to Green Arrow.

It might have been even greater if they’d brought him back but it doesn’t seem as though it was in the cards. When you factor in the idea that someone had to teach Oliver Queen how to fight, shoot, and basically become the vigilante he was it’s even more impressive to think just how awesome his mentor was.

2. He has a net worth of $1.8 million.

One might think he’d be worth a little more but to be honest he seems to be doing quite well and enjoying life if you look at his Instagram posts and how he spends his time.

1. He’s currently in his 50s.

With the kind of shape he’s in and the time he’s having while on the job it’s kind of obvious that Byron Mann is bound to be around for a while to come.

If you still don’t remember him take a look at his resume and pick a movie, you shouldn’t be disappointed.

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