Burn Notice 4.07 “Past and Future Tense” Review

Burt Reynolds as a spy? Does “The Bandit” have enough star power to lift this episode to a great level or should this episode be sent “East Bound and Down”?

This episode had everything and then some. With Burt Reynolds and Richard Kind making appearances, this episode had high star potential. Both men did excellent jobs. Reynolds, portrayed old spy Paul like he had been a real spy himself. Kind, who played MArv, did fine in his character but I would have liked to see more. Coming from a comedy background, I really think the writers should have used Kinds character for lightening the mood then as just Jesses old boss.

The Jesse story arc is shaping up nicely. Jesse (Coby Bell) is finally getting deaper into the mystery of who burn him. I love that we are getting more Jesse in these episode and Bell does a great job of making Jesse a character worth rooting for. Even though it will most likely bring turmoil for Michael and the gang, I find myself wishing Jesse would get the truth on his burn so we as viewers can see what happens. I have my fingers crossed that it will happen before the fall finale.

As for the Paul/Michael/Spetnaz/Congressman (Yes they all are part of one story) it was dealt with much better and at a decent pace, rather than last weeks episode. The dialouge between Michael and Paul was great, and it gave us a sense of how Michael may be in the distant future. After all Paul did say Michael reminded him of when he was young. Bringing the Spetnaz team over to the USA really gave the story purpose and allowed for a semi patriotic story to develop.

Finally, I have to comend the writers on the final scene between Michael and Paul. With just the two men sitting there sifting through Paul’s belongings, the writers were able to give Burn Notice one of the best heart-to-heart moments I have ever seen. I have to admit I felt sad for Paul when Michael realized that Paul was losing his memory from more than just drinking. This episode was able to be great from opening scene to the rolling of the credits. A+

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