10 Things You Didn’t Know about Britne Oldford

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Britne Oldford

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Britne Oldford

Britne Oldford is the kind of actress you can’t take your eyes off of. As soon as she gets on the screen, knows exactly how to command attention. This has resulted in her earning nearly 30 on screen credits over the course of a decade. No matter how big or small her role is, she always leaves an impact. In recent years, she has become well-known for her role in TV shows like The Flash and Blindspot. Prior to that, she had gotten her first huge break when she was cast in American Horror Story in 2012. Although she has yet to make an on screen appearance in 2021, she has some projects in the works that are sure to impress fans and critics alike. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Britne Oldford.

1. She’s Canadian

Britne comes from a very diverse background. She was born and raised in Toronto and he heritage includes indigenous, Black, Irish, French, and British ancestry. Once Britne decided that she wanted to take her career to the next level she decided to relocate to New York City where she still lives today.

2. She Is A Formally Trained Actress

Britne fell in love with acting from an early age and it didn’t take her long to realize it was something she wanted to do. Not only does she have a health of natural talent, but she has also put in lots of hard work. She attended Earl Haig Secondary School where she focused on drama.

3. She Likes To Cook

In many people’s cases, cooking is one of the first things to slip away when their schedules start getting packed. Instead of preparing their own meals they’d rather order out to save time. Britne, on the other hand, enjoys cooking and she loves experimenting with different recipes.

4. She Loves Super Natural Things

The idea of anything even remotely super natural is enough to terrify some people, but the super natural world is something has always been intriguing to Britne. During an interview with Pop City Life Britne said, ” I do love supernatural things and shows – especially growing up…”

5. She Enjoys Interacting With Fans On Social Media

Technology has made it easier for people to connect than ever before, and social media has taken things a step further. A Lot of people follow their favorite celebrities on social media with the hopes that they’ll get a chance to interact one day. Britne’s fans will be happy to know that that is a real possibility when following her. Britne enjoys connecting with her supporters, especially on Twitter.

6. She Likes To Read

Britne is always on the mission to learn new things and as a result she has always naturally gravitated towards books. She enjoys reading although it’s probably not something she has much time to do now that her schedule is packed. This willingness to learn new things is something that has likely come in very handy during her career.

7. She’s A Producer

Acting has been Britne’s primary focus, but she’s already dabbled in what it’s like to work behind the scenes. Britne currently has one producer’s credit for a 2018 short film called Quantum. There’s a good chance we’ll see more production work from Britne in the years to come.

8. She Loves Theater

Many actors gravitate towards on screen opportunities because they tend to be much more lucrative than theater, however, the stage will always have a special place in Britne’s heart. Not only does she love acting on stage, but she also enjoys experiencing plays as a member of the audience.

9. She’s Done Voice Acting

Britne is a woman of many talents and she’s enjoys being able to share that about herself. Early in her career she did a little bit of voice work with an appearance in an episode of the animated series Robot Chicken. There’s no word on whether or not she plans to do more voice acting in the future.

10. Her Feet Almost Have A 5 Star Rating

If there’s one thing we all know by now, it’s that the internet is a very strange place. But just when you thought things couldn’t get any weirder, you find out that there’s an online database called WikiFeet that’s full of pictures of celebrities’ feet. With that being said, nothing says you’ve made it like having your feet included on WikiFeet. Britne may not know it, but her feet are up there and they’ve earned a 4.8 star rating. As her career continues to grow, there’s no doubt that her page on WikiFeet will grow as well.

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