Breaking Down the Trailer for Silicon Valley Season 5

Originally airing in April of 2014, “Silicon Valley” is a show that was partially inspired by Mike Judge’s (the co-creator) experiences when he was working as an engineer in Silicon Valley during the 1980s. It is an American comedy series and follows the misadventures of brainy friends as they work to “get rich” during the high-tech gold rush. Due to the huge success the first four seasons of the series has, season five is on its way and the trailer has recently been released by HBO. Those who love this show are surely more than intrigued by this “sneak peek” of what’s to come.

What Does the Trailer Tell You?

While the trailer is just a snippet of what’s to come this season, it is pretty interesting to say the least. During the trailer you see that Richard, played by Thomas Middleditch, has become the head of a 50-person company, which provides even more comedic fodder for all his anxious antics. While Jared, played by Zach Woods, is always there (as usual) for support, Gilfoyle, played by Martin Starr and Dinesh played by Kumail Nanjiani are there to document the impending wreckage that’s going to occur. What’s great about this season is that Nanjiani is returning to the series even after the huge success he had in 2017 in the movie he co-wrote with Emily V. Gordon, who happens to be his wife, “The Big Sick.”

What’s Changed?

Someone who is obviously missing from this season’s trailer is Erlich Bachman, played by TJ Miller; however, a nod to his obvious absence is seen in the trailer as a deadpan by Jian Yang played by Jimmy O. Yang, who was more than happy to take over the missing person’s apartment, making the statement “this is my incubator now.”

The Reasons Behind Miller’s Leaving

HBO made the announcement that Miller was going to be leaving the “Silicon Valley” series in May of 2017, citing that it was a mutual decision. In interviews since this departure, Miller revealed that there were actually some creative differences with Alec Berg, the producer. However, many fans have speculated that this departure was actually so Miller could pursue his blossoming career in film, which has included roles in “Office Christmas Party,” and “Deadpool.”

When he first left, many critics were concerned that the obvious absence of such an important character would leave the series feeling bland; however, after the rape allegations that have come out against Miller, now many are saying that HBO and the show dodged a bullet.

Don’t worry, if you are a fan of “Silicon Valley,” season five is on it’s way and likely going to be one of the best seasons yet. However, you have to wait and see what happens, as there is quite a bit of comedy and drama to unfold in the coming months. Make sure to tune in so you don’t miss a moment of the crazy antics and comedy gold being produced.

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