10 Things You Didn’t Know about Brandon Quinn

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Brandon Quinn

Brandon Quinn

For more than 20 years, Brandon Quinn has been lighting up screens with a chiseled jaw and stellar acting skills. Though he’s had a few feature film roles over the years, the majority of his career has been spent on the small screen — between TV series and made-for-TV movies.

His most recent role in the Lifetime movie A Welcome Home Christmas aims at bringing a little fun and holiday cheer to viewers.  There’s no doubt that it’s a heartwarming role, and the project is a great example of his range as an actor.

Keep reading for ten things you didn’t know about him.

1. He’s A Colorado Native

B Quinn1


Quinn was born and raised in Aurora, Colorado, and he’s very proud of his roots. While the area is known for being beautiful, it’s not particularly the best place to begin an acting career. He eventually decided to relocate to Los Angeles, where he currently lives with his family.

2. He Was In An Episode Of Grey’s Anatomy

Brandon Quinn Greys Anatomy

Brandon Quinn has made lots of guest and recurring appearances in successful shows over the years. He even got the chance to appear in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy back in 2017. Some of the other shows he’s made guest appearances in include The Vampire Diaries, Royal Pains, and on a much lighter note, Drake & Josh.

3. He’s A Family Man

Brandon Quinn & Wife

No doubt, Quinn is quite the good-looking guy. So, it makes sense that there have been speculations as to whether he’s a bachelor or not. In actuality, the star is way off the market as he’s not just partnered up, but married.

He is happily married to Rachel Catudal, and the couple has three children together. Catudal is also an actress, although she has just one on-screen credit to his name at the moment.

4. He Got Into Acting After A Bad Car Accident


Quinn isn’t the type of actor who spent his entire life knowing he was going to end up acting. Instead, he literally fell into the trade by accident. Back in high school, he was involved in a serious car accident that prevented him from pursuing a career in sports.

It was then that he decided to start acting instead, and it didn’t take long for him to fall in love with it.

5. He Loves To Workout

B Quinn


Despite being a dad, Quinn refuses to be out here sporting a dad bod. He takes his health and fitness journey very seriously. To that effect, he spends a lot of time making sure he’s in tip-top shape. Whether it’s going to the gym or a bike ride, Quinn enjoys keeping his heart rate up.

6. He’s A Skater


Good looking, talented, and adventurous? Yup, all three of those things would describe Brandon Quinn. He was an avid skater during his younger years. While he doesn’t have the time to skate the way he used to, he hasn’t lost his skills on the board. In 2019, he shared a photo of himself performing a trick at what appeared to be an indoor skate part.

7. He’s A Broncos Fan

Brandon 1


Quinn is such a huge football fan that he’s even gotten his daughters to fall in love with the sport. He told Mile High Report, “I’m one of those guys that there is nothing I’d rather do than watch a Broncos game in a dark room by myself. Part of me is like, ‘This is amazing. My daughter is interested in football. This is WHY I had kids!’”

8. He Loves The Outdoors


Quinn spends a lot of time at work, and it’s evident that he loves what he does. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t grateful for some time off every once in a while. When the star isn’t working, he’s usually outside making the most of a beautiful day. Some of his favorite pastimes include hiking, water skiing, and swimming.

9. He Likes To Read

Brandon Q


You’re never too old to learn new things, and that’s something Quinn fully embraces. He loves to read and occasionally shares photos of the book he’s reading with his followers on social media.

10. He Has Over 50 Acting Credits


Quinn’s acting portfolio is much more impressive than a lot of people realize. Since making his first on-screen appearance in the late 90s, Brandon has gone on to earn over 50 acting credits. Since he’s only in his early 40s, it wouldn’t be surprising if he went on to get 50 more before he calls it a day.

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