Bones Review: The Return of Buck, Wanda, and Dr. Wyatt

Bones Review: The Return of Buck, Wanda, and Dr. Wyatt


The final few episodes of Bones are bringing back all your old favorites from the last 12 seasons. Though we lost Max, he died for his family, which is exactly the way he would have wanted it to go. No doubt the interns will all be returning outside of their work capacity for Cam and Arastoo’s wedding. Newly accredited Dr. Fuentes even gets his own blue lab coat as a congratulations for his success. Another familiar face returns to Bones to help the team free their first favorite intern, Dr. Zack Addy. The Jeffersonian is literally racing against the clock to free their friend, so they need all the help they can get. Ironically, Dr. Wyatt’s return to the fold isn’t just good for Zack, but for Wyatt’s former patients on the team as well.

The Jeffersonian only has two weeks left to prove Zack is not a killer. Hodgins has been working diligently to prove Zack’s innocence, but has felt very downhearted about the whole thing. Despite several suspicious findings indicating that Zack was nowhere near the crime he is accused of, Cam already threw it out for fear of Hodgins planting evidence. Since Booth and Aubrey have struck out on their end as well, they enlist the return of Chef/Dr. Gordon Wyatt to interpret Sweets’s files on the case. The former psychiatrist is great for everyone’s morale and self-awareness, and as a chef he’s #1 in Aubrey’s book. Together Wyatt and Hodgins team up to find evidence of Zack’s innocence, which means finding the last link to Gormogon, the apprentice he had before Zack.

The Jeffersonian receives the body of Dustin Doyle, a bank robber folded into a hay bale like a pancake. You can’t even be 100% mad at the guy because he was robbing banks to be able to afford his ailing mother’s Parkinson’s medication. The swift, efficient way in which Dustin’s multiple robberies were conducted without him ever being caught gives the team a hint that he might have had an accomplice, and a car crashing through a close chase with police proves it. Dustin had at least one accomplice apart of the demolition derby.

To say that Bones has been on edge since her father’s death would be an understatement. Stemming from guilt she has over her father’s death and her inability to help Zack before their deadline to prove his innocence, Brennan’s been snapping at everyone. She needs to have some fun. Dr. Wyatt thinks that Bones needs to get out some of her aggression too, so going undercover at the derby seems like a perfect solution. Buck and Wanda are believable, Aubrey not so much unless he has a legitimate snack in his hands. Aubrey finds Dustin’s accomplice, but his shock at Dustin’s death and some other evidence proves that there was a 2nd accomplice. After a day of resistance, Bones has a lot of fun chasing and smashing into the second accomplice on the derby track before he can get away. It’s therapeutic for Brennan, but doesn’t answer the question of who killed Dustin. It’s actually quite a simple case of math. Dustin stole $40,000 from the bank, but the manager claimed $60,000 was taken, which means someone took $20,000 in the transaction. Here’s hoping that mousy little bank teller can survive prison.

Booth and Brennan are grateful for Dr. Wyatt’s re-entrance into their lives. He always seems to know what to say, even though he feels like he failed in his task to help Zack. Not so fast, because Hodgins’s persistence following Wyatt’s tips pays off. Not only do they find Gormogon’s apprentice through ritualistic clues, they spot evidence on the body which could exonerate Zack. Here’s hoping Brennan’s favorite intern can be freed in time for Cam and Arastoo’s wedding.

Do you think Zack will be freed before Bones signs off?

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