The Bold and the Beautiful: Zende Finds Out Nicole’s Secret

The Bold and the Beautiful fans want to know what is going to happen now that Nicole has shared her bad news with Zende. He was finally on board with becoming a father, with being married to a woman who disregarded his entire opinion when she became a surrogate for her sister, and they were finally happy. But what happens now that Nicole has discovered her chances of having a baby of her own ever gain are slim to none? He was so happy about his job promotion, and things turned around so fast for him he couldn’t even function. Now that he knows things aren’t looking so good, there is going to be a big change in his attitude.

Zende is angry. He has the right to be angry, too. His wife did something before she was his wife that he was against. She did it anyway, and their relationship didn’t last through her decision. They ended up back together and married, but will their marriage last this issue? There’s a good chance they won’t get through this.

Zende is still bitter his wife did what she did. She has a baby out there. She is a mother. And he is not a father, and right now her personal choices are to blame for the fact that he is not and might not be a father to a baby anytime in the near future. But what will happen as he has more time to process this information? Will he also encourage his wife to take her biological child away from her sister?

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