The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Serves Steffy with Papers

The Bold and the Beautiful fans know Liam is not happy with his wife for sleeping with his father, but is he going to forgive her? We have an official rumor going down right now as to what might happen in the next week or so, and it’s big news. It’s finally going to make some sense, and we now know that in the near future, Liam is going to remove his wedding ring. He’s not keeping it on his fingers because he is not about to stay married to a woman he feels is a cheater and a liar and a horrible person, and that’s all there is to it for him.

He’s got to face some problems of his own, but he won’t do it while he’s married to Steffy. He’s serving her with annulment papers and stating their marriage was a total fraud this entire time. She’s going to lose it and be completely devastated when this happens, but it’s what she needs to finally realize that she cannot have what she wants when she wants it and treat people the way she treats them. She’s not good enough to do that.

And he will not back down. We have a feeling that there is very little hope for them. There is nothing that she can do to change his mind and make him want to stay put and stick things out with her. She’s done this horrible thing to him, and he will not deal with her.

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