The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Bill Will Get Over It

The Bold and the Beautiful fans know that Bill is feeling quite bad about what happened to his son and his son’s friend, Sally. He feels responsible for what happened even though they were the people who decided to go back into a building that was cleared for demolition when they came out. It was their mistake, but Bill is taking the responsibility onto his own shoulders despite us thinking he needn’t do that. And we aren’t sure he’s right in feeling this bad. But we also don’t think he will spend much more time focusing on that.

In fact, we have a feeling he is going to spend his time focused on something completely different. We think he is going to get over this a lot faster than he might imagine, and he might just have a little help from Steffy. The rumor on the street is that these two are going to have one very hot hook up before the holiday, but that’s just what we hear.

And that doesn’t sound at all like a man who is horrified about his actions and the pain they caused his son. In fact, they sound like actions that are quite the opposite if you ask us. We are not entirely certainly he feels so bad about what he did to this man if he’s going to sleep with his wife sooner rather than later — when he’s feeling so bad about all that’s happening.

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