The Bold and the Beautiful: Ridge and Quinn Come Clean to Eric

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers this week are good enough to tell us it’s game over for Quinn and Ridge. We know they’re discussing coming clean about their affair to Eric, but it’s not how they wanted it to go down. When Sheila tells Eric what she knows about Quinn and Ridge and their affair, he doesn’t believe a word of it. He decides he’s going to share the story with his wife and his son and tell them how preposterous it is that Sheila would make up such a horrible lie.

When they don’t deny it, he’s going to be very confused. They’re going to open up to him and share the truth. They did have an affair. They do have a connection, and they are working on their feelings for one another. There is something there, and they can’t deny that they do have feelings for one another. He’s not going to like what he’s hearing, but there is very little he can do about it.

They’re going to share their connection with him, and they’re even going to tell Eric they’ve been looking for a way to share the news with him. We have a feeling he is not going to be impressed by their story or their truth-telling. He’s going to be furious, and we can’t wait to see how he handles this situation when it all goes down. He won’t like hearing that his beloved wife is cheating on him emotionally with the son he only recently reconciled with.

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