The Bold and the Beautiful: Quinn and Sheila Face Off

The Bold and the Beautiful: Quinn and Sheila Face Off

The Bold and the Beautiful: Quinn and Sheila Face Off

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are about to see a few face offs. The first is going to occur between Quinn and Sheila. Sheila has everything she’s wanted going according to her plan, and she’s very happy about that. Quinn is currently in a bad place in her life, and she cannot do anything about that. She has some issues she needs to take account for, and she’s going to have to figure out how to deal with those on her own. Will she be able to get through on her own?

She wants to know if Sheila is planning on spending time with her husband now that he’s left her, and Sheila wants Quinn to know she’s got every intention of doing just that. She’s going to rub it in her face, Quinn is going to accuse her, and Sheila is going to remind Quinn that Quinn and Ridge made this decision and she just brought it to light.

And we are going to see that Sally is more than little put off by Thomas’ relationship with Caroline. They are obviously close enough to share a spectacular bond, and that’s all she needs to see to doubt her place in his life. Will she end up seeing nothing more than how close these two are and how much everyone wants to see them together after Steffy interferes? If she does, this might mean she spends a little more time deciding not to pursue a future with him despite being madly in love with him.

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