The Bold and the Beautiful: Nicole Battles her Sister

The Bold and the Beautiful fans know things are getting ugly with Maya and Nicole and their family, but it’s about to get so much worse. Maya is in Paris working on her photos, and she’s not home with her daughter. The daughter that is actually the biological child of her sister, Nicole, who cannot have a child of her own since giving Maya her baby. Now Maya is being lectured by Nicole about putting her job first and her baby second, and she has no idea what Nicole is thinking.

What Nicole is thinking is that her sister isn’t as good of a mother as she could be. This means she should just take her baby back and raise the girl herself. This all seems like an excellent idea in her mind, but is it? Is this a good idea, or is this a terrible idea that might just work out for no one? Nicole is not thinking straight right now, but will Zende set her straight? Or will he agree that perhaps this might work for them?

Nicole is spending her time yelling at anyone who will listen that they are bad parents, and it’s not something her sister and brother-in-law are happy to hear. Will they consider hiring a nanny so they have someone to care for their baby when they bring her with — or so they can be sure her sister doesn’t have any time to spend alone with her now that she’s going through this particular situation with her own body?

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