Bold and the Beautiful’s Biggest Misses

Bold and the Beautiful’s Biggest Misses

Bold and the Beautiful fans aren’t sure what happens to some of their favorite characters at times. You see, we get that some people change. We get that things happen, people are not the same as they were in the past, and that things are never quite what they seem, but we do not get it when things just change so much we cannot even function without wondering what is up. You see, there are things that don’t work for us, and then there are things that do work for us. These things are not what we thought they’d be, but they are things that did work for us in some way. We thought we might see a difference, but we did not see things working for them. They just did not work, and we wonder what writers were thinking when they said and did these things.

Aly’s Sudden Visions

She was a sweet girl who everyone loved. She was innocent and kind and she just wanted the best for those whom she loved the most, and then she lost it. She began having visions of her dead mother out of absolutely nowhere, and it all changed the game to something specifically awful. There were things that didn’t work, things that did work, and there were things that were so unbelievably crazy that we did not know how else to feel about them. We do know that there was a lot going on in her life, and this was a situation that mostly did not make much sense. It started to get even crazier when her dead mother’s vision began telling her to kill Steffy, who was her very own cousin and someone who was always good to Aly. It was so weird, and she changed so much that fans were not even mad when she was gone from the show after that. It was just too strange and too much.

Quinn’s Lack of Interest

We have to say that this entire story line of her being married to Eric and changing her entire personality is so farfetched to us. It does not work. It’s not good. It’s so not good, in fact, that we’d like to see anything else other than this in her life. She went from being a blackmailing kidnapper and murderer and all around horrible person who would only do things that worked out for her son to being someone who is so meek and boring that even her own son is now standing up to her and not afraid of her anymore. She’s someone who thinks she might be the same person, but she’s literally so boring now that we wonder why they haven’t even written her off the show yet. We don’t want that, of course, because we know what kind of skill and talent this woman can and will bring to the table — but we really just need someone to write it down for her so she can act it out and actually be that person for once. We miss that Quinn.

Thorne’s Sudden Exit

He was a man who was always more than kind. He was the nice guy. He was the son who did right by the people in his life. He was there for the people he loved, and he was there for his family all the time. He was thoughtful and made choices with care and with feelings that worked out for him, and he was someone we all liked very much. And then he married Katie. He fell hard for her, she for him, and they seemed awfully sweet together until he decided to turn into some sort of controlling, manipulative, horrible man who did terrible things and made us all wonder what he was up to. We did not like him. We did not want to see him like that, and we did not think that he was good at anything else after that. He up and left without any warning, breaking Katie’s heart in the process, and fans were glad to see him go after that. It was such a horrible way to portray him, and we all hated it from start to finish — and didn’t mourn his departure.

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