Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Will Zoe Say Yes?

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Will Zoe Say Yes?

Bold and the Beautiful fans know that Brooke is good at one thing, and she will never stop being good at it. She’s good at calling people out and making them do what she feels they need to do. She’s a woman who makes very few apologies in her life, and she rarely feels that she is wrong about anything. Right now, she’s right about this. She’s in the mood to get on to Thomas for using Zoe to get to her daughter. Since Brooke is exactly the kind of person who does that kind of thing in her own life all the time, she recognizes that this means to her. She knows that this is a situation in which she can see what is happening, but Thomas does not care in any capacity what she thinks or how this looks for her. She’s good with the way this is going, and she is making that clear.

On the other side of things is Hope, who is sure she cannot lose Thomas’ son. He’s worried she will, and she’s not letting this little boy down even when his father decides he’s going to ask Zoe to marry him. She is into him more than she should be considering she knows she is only part of his plan to get to Hope, but she will accept his proposal so that they can get this party started. There is a lot that they have to do to get Hope to feel upset and to try and stop this marriage, and that is what Thomas is counting on as he goes into the world of fake wedding planning with a woman he’s not into. This will never work out, and we know this. It will never be all right, and we know this. But, it will be fun.

What’s Happening on the Bold and the Beautiful

Sneaky, sneaky.

What’s Next on the Bold and the Beautiful

Zoe is a woman who has a man asking her to marry him, but she also knows he is not in love with her and he does not have any real intention on asking her to marry him. He’s not a man who is doing that or making things right in their lives, but we hear she is going to play this game herself a bit. She’s going to ask him to make some amendments to her proposal, and she’s going to give him some stipulations. She has a request to make of him before she will even think about saying yes to him, and this is one that she will make in front of the entire family as they all watch this mess go down. What will she ask of him, and how fast will this all happen?

Douglas is terrified his dad is getting remarried to someone who is not her, and he has to ask Hope for something. He is desperate and scared and sad and he wants to ask her for something that will make him feel better. He also has a secret to share with her, and we don’t know what that is. He’s always privy to things that other people cannot seem to figure out, but what does he know that he will share with her now that his dad is getting married and rumor has it that his new stepmom won’t let him be with Hope? We will find out before the week ends, and that’s exciting.

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