Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Is Hope Jealous?

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Is Hope Jealous?

Bold and the Beautiful fans aren’t sure where this week is really going, but we know that Brooke is a hurt woman. She is really, genuinely shocked that things didn’t work out for her as well as she thought they might. She honestly thought she could save her marriage to Ridge by listing a long list of demands for him that would allow her to get all she wants while he stands around and suffers through things that aren’t fair to him. Sure, his son is a hot mess who does need some help, and she’s not wrong about that. It’s true. She’s not someone who is making that up, but she did take things a bit too far. She wanted him to make it clear that he would always pick Brooke over his son, and that his son is crazy and cannot be part of their family anymore.

Of course, he cannot do that, and she’s crushed that he cannot do that. He knows that things aren’t right with Thomas, but he’s also holding on tight to the hope that Thomas has changed, things are different, and there is a chance that he can be a better person than he currently is. We know this is not the truth. We know this did not happen. We know that he is not different than he was in the past, and that he is not changing, but Ridge thinks he is changing — and that makes him feel good and happy about things. But, of course, we don’t know anything that will really make Brooke happy other than controlling everyone and doing everything for herself in every manner of speaking possible. There is nothing else that will change there, and her heartbreak seems to be entirely real and very genuine. It’s not working, though.

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So, it looks like Thomas has finally realized how he can get Hope to pay more attention to him. He’s a sneaky one, and we have to sit back and admire that he is up to something that might just work. He’s still madly in love with Hope and hopeful that she will be with him in some capacity. But, he is not sure that things will work out for him if he doesn’t allow them to work out for himself in another manner of speaking. We know that he has decided to work with her in the hopes that she will fall for him and make things right in their lives again. But, for now, we also know that we can see things working out in another manner. He is setting up a situation that is very romantic and very over-the-top.

Hope will assume it’s another way for him to try and get her to fall, but he will make her feel stupid and ridiculous when she realizes that he did not set that up for her, but for another woman. What we think will happen is that she will feel a momentary tug of jealousy, and it will not make her feel happy. We don’t know if he is doing this on purpose or if this is a situation he is working on to get his father and Shauna together, but we can see that this is going to be a thing that might just work for him either way. And we think that it will cause some serious issues in other lives, like Liam’s.

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