Bold and the Beautiful Characters We Are So Thankful Came Back to Life

We’ve said this before, but it’s not uncommon for people on the Bold and the Beautiful to just leave town when they are done with their role. Most of them move to places like Paris or New York to explain their absence when an actor is fired or leaves the show. Since they are all in the fashion industry, it’s a viable explanation that works well for everyone. For now, though, we’ve seen a few people die. Nowhere near the number of people who have died and come back to life on other soaps since this is one that is primarily about love and beauty and selfishness. This is not so much about death and destruction and horrible things that you didn’t see coming. This is about finding love, getting it, keeping it, changing it around, and exchanging it like an ill-fitting pair of Manolos. But, some people did die. And some of them did come back to life. Let’s see our favorites.


This is our favorite return by a mile. We all thought that Hope and Liam’s little girl was dead at birth after all that happened. When we finally began to realize that the baby that Steffy had just adopted from a girl named Flo might just be baby Beth, we tried hard not to get our hopes up. Flo and Reese — Zoe’s dad — had lied to Hope and Liam, kidnapped their baby, and told them that the baby died when she didn’t. Then, Flo pretended to be the mother of the baby, and she sold her to Steffy for a profit and to help Reese pay back some money he owed to some people. We were simultaneously excited and crushed when we realized that Hope and Liam would get their baby back, but that Steffy would suffer this loss when she found out. But, Baby Beth is alive, she’s well, and she was always in good hands — even if those good hands didn’t know her true identity for some time. It was a beautiful reunion.


When she was a baby, she was taken by a woman who wanted to be with Ridge. Her parents thought she’d fallen off a boat and was eaten by sharks, and they mourned her death very hard. She was not, though, and she was able to come back when her mother heard her calling for her from the house of a woman who was out to get them. She ended up being a hostage, too, but eventually it all worked out. Steffy got to come home with her mom and dad and her twin sister, and she got to live her life. She’s doing a good job of living it, too.


He made the mistake — as people do — of marrying Quinn. He was not a happy man when he found her at one point in the middle of the cabin with Liam at her side. She’d hit him and kidnapped him so that Wyatt didn’t have to face any competition getting Steffy to marry him, and she didn’t know he’d develop amnesia. It worked for her, though, until Deacon showed up and found them there. She managed to make Deacon think she was going to get rid of Liam, but she pushed Deacon off a cliff, instead. We all thought he was gone until he very casually showed up at the cabin with some seaweed in his hair and asked her what she thought she was up to.


Do you remember when he was pushed out of a helicopter and thought dead, but he was not? That was a big one, and fans remember this. How do you not die from this? Justin was the one responsible for Ridge falling out of the copter, but we aren’t sure he did this on purpose or he did it by accident not realizing the man was not seatbelted into the copter. Either way, he fell into the waters below him and they were certain that he was dead. No one falls out of the helicopter over the ocean and survives after being missing for days at a time. Well, except for Ridge. He survived.

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