Bob Ross Peeling Off Contact Paper is All the Meditation You Need

People that think watching Bob Ross taking contact paper off of his canvases is meditative must be seeing something the rest of us don’t. Watching him paint and listening to him is meditative and can even act as a powerful sedative to be honest, but simply watching him take the contact paper off is more impressive than it is reflective. For so long Ross was the main part of one of those channels you might have just flipped past whenever you saw him, but the kind of art he painted was, while kind of tame, still very impressive in its simplicity. The fact that he did these pictures so quickly and with such expertise was kind of interesting since he instructed the viewer just about the entire way through the painting.

Some of you might not have known that he used contact paper to pain with now and again, but it does give the pictures a nice effect that would allow them to be easily framed without destroying any of the painting. Have you ever wondered what a Bob Ross painting goes for at times? Some of them go for less than a hundred dollars while others go for much more. One thing you need to remember is that every show he did, and there were over 400 episodes, he painted three of the same painting. So that means there were 1,200 paintings that came out of that show. As you can guess some aren’t worth quite as much, but think about how much the first and the last set that he ever painted would be worth. Bob Ross did all become a TV icon despite the fact that so many people would simply flip past his channel. Maybe it had something to do with too many happy trees being set into the background.

Whatever the case, Bob Ross, for all his talent, which was considerable, somehow became the channel that people could put on for background and just relax to. Some people fell asleep with the sound of his voice off in the distance, while others might have gone on to do chores or other tasks with him going on about happy trees and the moment of truth. In any case, Bob was there and he was used as a form of meditation to allow people to get through their day. The part about contact paper is kind of odd since while there are people that somehow manage to meditate to the sound of paper being ripped, or peeled off in this case. It’s a strange quirk but it does exist.

Bob Ross was s s s one of the greatest TV personalities ever and the sad part is that his show was used as background or skipped over entirely. Enough people appreciated it that the program stayed on the air for a good while, but a lot of people can still recall that his show was more of a stop off point between their latest thriller and the next action flick that was coming on network TV.

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