BMF Season 1 Episode 4 Recap: Heros – 6 Noteworthy Events

BMF Season 1 Episode 4 Recap: Heros – 6 Noteworthy Events

BMF Season 1 Episode 4 Recap: Heros – 6 Noteworthy Events

Things are really starting to heat up on BMF Episode 4. What’s really interesting is how the episode begins with a flashback of Meech in the corner store, attempting to impress a couple of girls in his neighborhood by buying them the snacks they wanted in the store. Meech asks the girls to step out so he can purchase them but the girls claim that it’s too cold. Long story short…the store clerk ends puts  Meech on blast for using food stamps. The girls pay for their items and even cover Meech snacks to further embarrass him. Pat witnessed the exchange and breaks Meech off a few dollars to dazzle the two girls the next time he sees them.  Pat was like the neighborhood hero. He always helped people without wanting anything in return. Everyone respected him even the pastor.  Pat was the only man that Meech looked up to besides his father…. If you missed last week’s episode, check out the top 6 noteworthy events during Episode 4:

1. Pat refuses to give the boys more product

Between the food truck and the rec, the 50 Boys are selling out quickly. Meech and Terry visit Pat to purchase the next batch of product. They tell Pat that they’ll need extra work and they are fully prepared to pay upfront rather but Pat shoots them down which makes no sense at all. Pat’s lieutenant Rock pulls the boys to the side and informs them that Pat fell off which is why he micro-manages them to maintain a sense of control. Rock tells Meech that he can introduce them to a new supplier. On the way home, Meech finally tells Terry that Pat is smoking crack and he lets him know about Rock’s offer. Terry thinks that getting a new supplier is the only option but Meech doesn’t want to cross Pat.

2. The Drano Task Force Is Watching Both Crews

Supply and demand aren’t the only that Meech and Terry have to worry about. The new drug task force is putting heat on the 50 Boys that they don’t need. According to Detective Bryant, there is a new mandate to focus on both crews now that the 12th Street Boys two leaders are missing. In an attempt to protect the 50 Boys, Detective Bryant does shine the light on Lamar and lets the task force know that he has the most to gain from the disappearance of the two leaders of the crew.

3.  The stash house gets robbed

Meech and Terry took extra precautions to make sure that the stash house wouldn’t be compromised. They rented a nice pad out in the suburban miles away from the hood. After Lamar and his crew bombard the food truck most of the muscle is relocated to the food truck. B-Mickie is in charge of watching the stash house but his mom is in the hospital sick so unbeknownst to Meech and Terry he had been spending time away from the stash house. Lamar and his crew rob the stash house. If it wasn’t for Kato, Hoop would’ve been a dead man. She shoots at Lamar forcing him to flee the scene.

4. Pat kills Rock

Meech and Terry go to an exclusive club where they are supposed to meet the new plug that Rock arranged for them. Instead, they are ambushed by goons and forced into a van. They end up at a secluded area where Pat and Rock await with shovels in their hands. Meech pleads with Pat to spare Terry’s life. Surprisingly when Pat goes to swing his shovel he hits Rock in the head and proceeds to continually bash him in the head until he’s dead. Pat tells Meech and Terry to clean up the mess and bury the body.

5. Jame- Mo Body Is Recovered

Jame-Mo’s body washes up in the river.  Now his disappearance is an official murder investigation. Detective Bryant is angry and he knows that Meech is responsible which puts him in a bad position because there is a task force that supersedes him. He tries to jump ship but Meech reminds him that they need each other now more than ever and gives him an envelope full of cash for his risk.

6. Terry Meets The Plug

Terry meets a mysterious beautiful woman at the club. She turns out to be Big L, the plug that Rock was supposed to put them in touch with. She tells Terry that she only wants to work with him and not his brother. Terry eagerly accepts the offer.

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