Binging with Babish: Everything Bagel from Everything Everywhere All at Once

EVERYTHING Bagel inspired by Everything Everywhere All At Once — Binging  With Babish

credit: Binging with Babish

It needs to be said that Babish is a showman as well as a chef since this episode of Binging with Babish is definitely entertaining since taking on a movie like Everything Everywhere All at Once kind of demands this type of representation. But the bagel with everything, despite being entirely different in the movie, looks pretty awesome in this episode since not only is it huge, but one has to wonder what in the world all those spices would produce once it’s all baked through and done. The size of the bagel makes it look like a novelty item, but at the same time, it’s fair to state that it looks like something that could feed a lot of people and be flavorful at the same time. Watching this channel is usually a pleasure since the host places a great deal of time and effort into it, as does his production team, but this was an ambitious undertaking to be certain since doing anything that related to this movie would have required something extra simply because it was not a run of the mill science fiction feature. 

One would almost think that the combination of spices would overpower the tastebuds. 

All that spice being thrown in together does feel as though it would be an overload to the senses considering that all of them have their signature smells, tastes, and even feel on the tongue. But it does appear that the spices come out in different notes that one can detect if they’re able to refine their taste in such a way. This might be possible for some folks, particularly a chef who has to taste things every now and in order to get things right, but it’s fair to think that not everyone would be so enamored of such a massively different taste profile. To be honest, though, it does sound interesting enough to take a bite, especially given that some people are more receptive to one spice or another, while others might feel the need to stick to a few spices per dish in order to keep themselves from being overwhelmed. Some might wonder how a person can be overwhelmed when it comes to food, but it’s quite possible, especially with a strong enough spice experienced in a great dose. 

Cooking shows have definitely changed.

Cooking shows have evolved along with everything else over the years as the days of shows that are geared toward sticking to the recipe and not overdoing anything aren’t entirely gone. What has happened, however, is that such shows have given way to cooking shows that depict individuals who are more dynamic in their approach to food, who can churn out more than one or two recipes in the course of a show, and who are almost always trying out new ways to complete old recipes. Many older recipes are still treated with a great deal of respect, as are the old ways of cooking, but in this era, it’s fair to state that the idea of the average cooking show has gone far beyond anything that was first experienced when such programs were first brought to the public via the TV. 

Everything Everywhere All At Once Explained: Multiverse Is Not Real | This  is Barry

credit: Everything Everywhere All at Once

The movie itself was kind of crazy, so the idea had to be on par at the very least. 

For those who have seen the movie, the purpose behind using every spice in this episode is easy to ascertain. But for those who haven’t seen the movie yet, it might be time to sit down and watch at least enough of it to get the point behind something like this. The main point is that the everything bagel is a concept that emerges when Joy, or a variation of her, places absolutely everything into this metaphysical bagel, creating an overwhelming abnormality that looks unstable, to say the least, and can be highly destructive at the worst. The real-world representation of the bagel isn’t quite as destructive unless one is unable to withstand carbs, but it does look a little unstable since the combination of so many spices is enough to give some folks indigestion for certain. 

It looks like one bagel could feed a family quite easily. 

To be fair, this one bagel looks as though it could feed a family for at least a couple of days since it’s huge. Seeing how the host only takes a small chunk for his own consumption, it’s not tough to think that such a chunk could be considered a large snack or even a small meal all on its own. Depending on how much a person likes spice, they might need to spread cream cheese on the bagel as the host did or find something a little more flavorful to make it work. In any case, it does look kind of good, but it’s likely to be kind of spicy. 

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