Watch This Guy Guy Stack 518 Jenga Pieces On Single Vertical Jenga Block

Watch This Guy Guy Stack 518 Jenga Pieces On Single Vertical Jenga Block

Watch This Guy Guy Stack 518 Jenga Pieces On Single Vertical Jenga Block

Some people are going to play this down as not that impressive but one thing that they might want to take into account is that it took a good bit of doing to make sure that the weight distribution was correct when stacking 518 Jenga pieces onto a single upright piece so that it would stay put. The balance that was needed for this had to be nearly as exact as it could possibly be since this feat stood at 485 pieces and then 517 pieces until now, leaving a lot of people to think that the record won’t stand for long since there’s no doubt that someone is already eyeing this record to take it down. But the time-lapse video is kind of impressive since it does indicate that the guy was thinking about this the entire time and being as careful as he possibly could in order to not mess it up. For anyone that’s ever tried this, Jenga is a fun game to play, but playing with the blocks without engaging in the game is always a temptation and it was only a matter of time until someone decided to see how high they could stack them before they fell over. 518 sounds like a lot of blocks and to be fair, it is. But the manner in which he’s stacking them makes sense considering that making the inverted tower would need to be limited in width to avoid tipping to one side or the other.

For those that might find this a challenge, stacking playing cards is still much harder than this so don’t feel too bad. Some folks have the mindset that allows them to see things like this and make sense of them and then break them down so that they can build them back up in a different, possibly more effective manner. At the very least it’s likely that they’ll build them back up in an interesting way that will impress others and make them wonder about how stable it is and whether it’s possible with other materials. The understanding of balance and structural integrity though would be kind of necessary since stacking all this one block does make sense in some way, but it would be enough to confuse a lot of people that might think that there’s a hidden trick to it that they’re not seeing. There’s no trick so far as anyone knows, other than to stack the blocks in a way that the weight distribution is equal and doesn’t pull to one side or another, and is centered as much as possible on the supporting piece.

The dynamics of this are enough to make some people think that it would take a genius to make this happen, but it feels accurate to say that there are some people that would be able to create this based on little more than intuition since getting the feel of something and understanding how it could work and how it might be able to take more blocks with each new attempt is something that could be accomplished. It would definitely take some serious thinking though, and possibly a lot of trial and error, but it could work. It’s easy to think that a lot of people might even be trying this as we speak since as I mentioned, Jenga blocks are actually a lot of fun to play with whether a person is engaged in an actual game or if they’re just horsing around and want to see how high of a tower they can make. Apparently, the current record that’s been held since 1985 for the tallest Jenga tower is 41 levels, which might not sound impressive but is tricky to try and obviously not as easy as it sounds considering that the record has stood for so long. Some might want to dispute this or claim that the height of a Jenga tower can vary since there are larger Jenga sets out there, but the fact is that stacking these things up to 41 levels is insanely hard during a game, and would no doubt be just as hard if one was attempting to do it without playing the game.

After all, the taller a Jenga tower gets, the wobblier and more unsteady it becomes as many people already know. It’s a fun game, but at one point or another, a lot of players know the tower is going to fall, they just don’t know who’s going to be the one to topple it. Trying something beyond the norm such as this video shows is the kind of thing that takes a soft touch and a lot of patience no doubt since quite a few people would probably get frustrated after the tower fell a couple of times. It’s a lot of work without any doubt, but it’s impressive once it’s all done.

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