Big Brother USA Recap (Sunday 7/11)

Big Brother- 7/11/10

As with the opening episode (sorry for no recap- vacation!) this season of Big Brother seems to be firmly entrenched with stereotypes.

Last Thursday was fairly straightforward. They introduced the houseguests, had the first HOH competition, and introduced this season’s BIG TWIST… that of the Saboteur.

The first task the Saboteur completed was to lock the HGs out from the food, forcing them to eat slop, making them all suspicious and even more paranoid than usual. Although, they all seem to agree that it’s either Andrew or Brandon.

Hayden won HOH and we got to see his room for the first time.

Okay, why does Brandon think that Rachel and Annie are the most intelligent people in the game? SECOND BIG BROTHER MAJOR TWIST! Annie was not thrilled with the budding showmance between the science geeks.

Annie decided to tell Ragan that she had a girlfriend. I still think Ragan is completely awesome.

Enzo went all Mafioso on everyone and insisted on nicknames and a name for their alliance- and we now have the ‘˜Brigade’. Whooop de whoop. I have to wonder if they do this because they’re screamingly bored or if they really think they have to have a name to call themselves.

They’ve brought back the Haves and Have-nots, and split into three teams of four. They have to crawl through a vat of caramel and into popcorn to find the teeth that fit into the smile. Think tarred and feathered.

Blue team: Rachel, Matt, Ragen and Kathy

Green team: Brandon, Annie, Kristen, Andrew

Pink Team: Monet, Britney, Enzo, Lane

Hayden as a (tooth) fairy… priceless.

Havenot Room is disgusting. Lounge chairs, a horrible stench from jars full of bugs. Gross! Rachel, Matt, Ragan and Kathy are not very happy campers.

Britney and Kathy seem to be at odds, but that could just be editing. Britney spouted off about Kathy in the Diary Room, and Kathy was trying to put off suspicion from her. The saboteur put up some green X’s on the main pictures, strangely enough just Xing out Britney and Kathy.

Britney vowed to vote whatever way that Hayden wanted. Britney is going strong for Kathy.

Wow and as a (not so) major incentive, America can go to the website and vote/decide on what they want the Saboteur to do.

Hayden has to decide who to put up for eviction, and he decided on Rachel and Brandon.

Find out the saboteur’s next move and who wins the POV next week!

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