The 20 Best Scorpio Anime Characters of All-Time

The 20 Best Scorpio Anime Characters of All-Time

The 20 Best Scorpio Anime Characters of All-Time

Scorpios are among the most passionate and loyal of all zodiac signs. Scorpio characters have their birthdays between October 23rd and November 21st and they can be described as fierce and will remain loyal even if that means putting themselves before others. Their robust quality is found in love and throughout their approach to life. Just as we humans display our foremost characters, anime characters also do the same. Most anime characters have human traits hence its easy to analyze them through zodiac signs. The creators of these anime are quite artistic and precise and we get a chance to appreciate their work whenever we watch these characters — considering that some took place centuries ago. It also allows you to appreciate what goes into making your favorite show. If you are interested in learning more about the anime characters, this list will highlight the 20 Best Scorpio Anime Characters of All-Time.

20. Hinano Kurahashi

Hinano is a happy-go-lucky scorpio with devious tendencies. She’s always smiling and seems to have fun, whether it’s in school or on an assassination mission. Her dimwittedness often gets her into trouble. But, when you need someone resourceful like Hinano for class 3E, they’re hard not put at your disposal (and we mean that literally). It makes us think about how outstanding she must have been back during High School. If only all our teachers had such loyal students.

19. Ferid Bathory

Ferid Bathory has an exciting relationship with others, as he often makes sarcastic or mocking comments. Ferid’s intelligence keeps him interested in fights and hobbies. However, he gets bored with them immediately after getting involved with their completion (primarily if they don’t cater to his interests). This can lead some people to think that there must be something wrong with “Van Helsing.” Unlike most Scorpios, though, who will feel loyalty towards friends from time to time despite not always having positive traits on display. Ferid does nothing more than using those around him for personal gain without regard for how it might affect either party later down the road. Because of these negative habits coming out most during tense situations where rash decisions need to be made quickly before rationality.

18. Subaru Saotome

Though Subaru’s demeanor at work may seem cold, she always keeps her eye on the prize. Her Scorpio sign clarifies that nothing will stop this woman from being successful in life and business. Not even office politics or gossiping with coworkers. Past elections have shown us how quickly things can change (we lost something special). However, there are still plenty of opportunities ahead for Mlady Latte employees like Subaru. She was especially considering our dedication to quality service, along with competitive prices. Why don’t we go over some more about what makes us stand apart?

17. Tomoya Okazaki

Tomoya is a rough around the edges boy who loves to skip class and gets late because he spends his free time playing video games or hanging out with friends. However, when you need help from him in your tough times, Tomoya will always come through for you no matter how long it takes. He might not seem too friendly, but this means nothing when considering all of those exceptional moments where friendship was proven true—for example, at school after someone got sick. During summer break, together with a girl she met, she tried unsuccessfully to find work while also taking care of their relationship.

16. Makoto Tachibana

Makoto is the leader of Iwatobi High School’s Swim Club and best friend to its most famous member, Haruka. Despite conflicting with his own beliefs about swimming, he always proves himself to be an honest person who will do anything for those around him. He stands out among all other strong swimmers at Iwatobi because he has exceptional abilities to protect friends and bravery during battles.

15.Trista Meioh (Sailor Pluto)

Sailor Pluto is a brainy student and one of the most loyal friends anyone could hope to meet. Her selflessness knows no bounds. She leaps into action at any moment, fighting against enemies with all that’s in her heart. She does this even if it means sacrificing herself for those whose safety means everything, including future generations of children who need protection from evil forces like himself. The people closest to Trista understand just how deeply this kind-hearted girl cares about others. They know better than anybody else what happens when you mess with Scorpios.

14. Kuga Sakurai

Kuga, a pop star with a dark side. He is so famous for his kindness and politeness that nobody can tell how Machiavellian he is underneath it all. However, as evidenced by their interactions in the past year, there are plenty of clues here as to what makes this guy tick.

13. Maho Hiyajo

Maho often gets mistaken for a child despite being an adult. The misunderstanding causes her anger and frustration, which can lead to lashing out at those around her. Mostly she lashes out at Makise Kurisu, who holds deep respect from the beginning of their working relationship as colleagues in lab 12’s Technology Lab branch (momo). Deeper feelings pop up between our two main characters, Okabe Rintaro and Muhou Kei.

12. Armin Arlelt

Armin might be one of the weaker characters, but he’s an admirable friend who puts others before himself. Armine is often jealous when people are more successful than him or in relationships with other people. However, this only goes out as far as certain aspects that don’t include his low self-esteem (which can sometimes get into full-blown depression). He is brave for what little strength remains inside him. Most would say it isn’t much at all since you’ll always find him running away from battles rather than charging headfirst towards foes.

11. Souma Yukihira

Though he may be the son of a restaurateur, Souma Yukihira embodies all it means to be an underdog. He is passionate about cooking and stubborn about his relationship with family members who are not with their lifestyle choices. Still, through these traits, we see why this young man can appear so resourceful. Enterprising enough even before entering Totsuki culinary academy. A true Scorpio in every sense.

10. Rio Futaba

Rio is a wonderfully intelligent, ambitious teen enrolled at Minegahara High School. She has two distinct personalities caused by Adolescent Syndrome. It causes her to be divided into two entirely separate individuals with completely opposing views, such as Rio being stubbornly determined. Saori may show more sensitive emotions or even self-blame herself when she makes an error in judgment, like misunderstanding something important. For example, during class time, it’s better to talk out loud so everyone else might understand what they’re saying instead. Staying silent about your problems too long can have harmful effects on people, especially children.

9. L Lawliet

L Lawliet is a highly secretive person who does not show his face to the world. He cloaks himself behind a computer. Despite these traits, he has proven resourceful when Light Yamagishi gets on top of them after gaining some knowledge from their first encounter. This leaves him stubborn about losing one trail or another that might lead back towards her location. Still, all this proves how excellent L’s skills are at perseverance. Because even though light sometimes wins during battles between them, she always loses eventually. Mostly it’s because of exhaustion while trying so hard to keep up with what’s happening around her without ever stopping.

8. Kyouka Izumi

Kyouko’s flat and violent personality is only seen when she first meets Atsushi. After being introduced to the real world, people with kindness can’t be bought or intimidated by money talks. Kyouko blossoms into this ideal Scorpio character, who has learned how it feels having someone care for her past mistakes allows them to become more human than ever before. Aries: “Armed Detective Company” gives new meaning. Also, giving him purpose after leaving his previous life behind him gave birth to too many regrets, making him bolder about what he does next.

7. Mikako Satsukitane

Known for her intelligence and resourcefulness, Mikako is the president of Eikura High School’s student council. As heiress to a Yakuza family with significant influence in all aspects of life- whether academic or extracurricular – this girl has some cool stuff going on. Her natural stealthiness makes up for an eerie ability when necessary. Best not mess around if you cross paths by accident because the chances are good that she’ll get away clean (pun intended). You might think such skills would make one dangerous, but they empower women to become powerful individuals and capable leaders.

6. Uro

Uro is a fascinating Scorpio. He is outwardly respectful towards people above him or of equal rank but rude to those he sees as less than them. This makes for a very different personality, depending on the situation. One side being gentle and others being admired (and protected). Another seems coldhearted when talking amongst equals, yet loyal otherwise. His two contrasting sides make up who Uro is. Although there may come times, you doubt them given recent events, a capable leader with intense loyalty in battle.

5. Chi-Chi

Chi-Chi is the princess of Fire Mountain and niece of Gokus rival, Goku. She has fiery personality traits that make her seem like an intimidating woman. Still, they are often seen in Scorpios, who tend towards violence when passionate or brave enough (like Chi). Her hot temper can twist people close to her, which leads us to why she’s number one. But while everyone loves seeing this side come out from a time ago, Chi had some rough loving ways – especially towards family members! This may be because most males will do anything for their family above all others, including giving up characters we consider essential, such as ethics. With these qualities combined, you could say there.

4. Sebastian Michaelis

Sebastian Michaelis is not your average butler. That’s because the man who would become Mr Phantom hive’s loyal servant was once dispatched by hell itself-literally. He used to be known as Satan Sati until an agreement with Ciel Phantomhiv made him change his name (and look) altogether. Now he goes by Sebastian, or plain old S for short, among some other aliases like “The Demon” and even Astaroth Palace Hotel Group Manager Chairman Secretly Known Only As. It seems these days, no matter what corner of this world you find yourself in, there will always seem to exist another person better acquainted than most ought to use at least one word after their title. When the truth about Sebastian is revealed, he has proven himself to be a staunch friend and honourable. Ciel’s loyalty for this man only grows stronger as the human side of him becomes more clear.

3. Miia

Miia is a shy and innocent monster girl who unintentionally causes harm to Kurusu despite her affection for him. She wants nothing more than marriage but becomes easily angry when he shows an interest in other girls. This jealousy also leads Miia to become an overprotective mother figure towards those living at the house and genuine friendliness among all those around her.

2. Loki Laevatein

Loki is among many immortal gods, and he can often be seen as arrogant and tasteless. When first introduced to us readers in Kamigami no Asobi by seeing how Thor’s hammer was made from his teeth, we meet this extremely temperamental male character for what seems like the thousandth time at least (Loki always has something up his sleeves). However, over time – especially after learning more about who Loki is- you’ll come to realize that though blustering one moment or another may come off sounding cocky on paper, deep down inside those silver-tongued male factors lives an endless wellspring worth befriending.

1. Kokoa Shuzen

Kokoa is the younger sister of Moka, and despite being treated better, Kokoa still feels envious. She has a split personality disorder that causes her feelings of anger and rage to manifest themselves in violent ways, such as punching people or throwing things at them without realizing what she’s doing until it’s too late for regrets. However, on the flip side, sometimes you can see how much love they have from both sides because no matter who says something mean about their other sibling if it’s true, this doesn’t stop either from defending each other even when faced with proof otherwise.

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