Top 10 Movies with ‘Bob’ in the Title: A Cinematic Tribute

Top 10 Movies with ‘Bob’ in the Title: A Cinematic Tribute

Top 10 Movies with ‘Bob’ in the Title: A Cinematic Tribute

For the last century, Robert has been one of the most common names for boys. Consequently, its nickname, Bob, has also gained popularity. It’s no surprise that the name Bob has become a staple in the entertainment industry. Not only have there been numerous characters named Bob, but Hollywood has even taken it a step further by featuring the name in movie titles. From comedy to drama, these movies cover a wide range of genres. Some have even become classics in their own right. Continue reading to explore our list of the 10 best movies with “Bob” in the title.

10. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)

In this hilarious installment of the franchise, Kevin Smith stars as the title character alongside his silent partner. The duo spends most of their time aimlessly wandering, yet they manage to do so in a way that’s genuinely funny. Smith’s ability to write, direct, and star in the film is an impressive feat worth noting.

9. Bob Roberts (1992)

This satirical mockumentary stars Tim Robbins as Bob Roberts, a right-leaning politician and candidate for the United States Senate. The film pokes fun at the polarizing nature of politics and the entire political structure in the United States. If you’re fed up with the political system, you’ll likely find this film both hilarious and relatable.

8. Bob Funk (2007)

Starring Rachael Leigh Cook and Stephen Root, this comedy-drama follows the life of a man who is fired by his own mother. Despite its occasional dull moments, the film’s genuinely funny scenes make it worth watching. As the protagonist seeks therapy and finds a new job, his life takes unexpected twists and turns.

7. Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969)

This late 1960s comedy-drama, directed by Paul Mazursky and starring Bill Crosby and Natalie Wood, explores the emotional complexities of two couples’ relationships. After one couple attends a retreat, they begin having affairs with others, leading to a tangled web of emotions and complications.

6. Roast of Bob Saget: Uncensored Extended Edition (2008)

Fans of Full House and America’s Funniest Home Videos will enjoy this Comedy Central roast of Bob Saget. The uncensored, extended edition released on DVD is guaranteed to have you in stitches with its no-holds-barred humor.

5. Owd Bob (1938)

This black-and-white British drama, starring Margaret Lockwood and John Loder, is a remake of a 1924 film. Released in the United States as To the Victor, it offers a nostalgic viewing experience for fans of classic cinema.

4. Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist (1997)

This documentary follows the life of Los Angeles writer and poet Bob Flanagan, who gained notoriety in the BDSM community. The film, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 1997, offers a fascinating glimpse into Flanagan’s unique and sometimes bizarre life before his death from cystic fibrosis.

3. Bob the Butler (2005)

Starring Brooke Shields and Tom Green, this lighthearted comedy follows the misadventures of a man who can’t hold down a job. As he works his way through the alphabet of occupations, he eventually becomes a butler, leading to a series of comedic situations.

2. Rita, Sue and Bob Too (1987)

This British film, starring Lesley Sharp and Michelle Holmes, delves into the taboo subject of two teenage girls becoming involved with a married man. The movie explores the consequences of such relationships and the lengths people will go to keep them hidden.

1. What About Bob? (1991)

Featuring comedy legends Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss, this film follows the antics of Bob, played by Murray, who dies on a trip. The remaining characters either attempt to cover up the incident or expose the conspiracy. If you haven’t seen this classic comedy, it’s definitely worth a watch—or even a rewatch.

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