The Five Best Kristen Wiig Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Kristen Wiig Movies of Her Career

It’s kind of funny that Kristen Wiig took an acting course to round out her education and might not have continued on with it had a teacher not seen how good she was and encouraged her to keep going. Life has a strange way of tossing a person a hint now and again that the course they’re on or moving towards might not be the best for them and that it might be time to veer off in another direction. Throughout her career thus far Kristen has come to be known for a great number of acts, not the least of which have been entirely comical in nature but also heavily laden with a lot of drama that she’s been shown to be quite good at. One might think that comedy is really where she tends to shine but in all honesty Kristen has the tendency for drama that is hard to miss since she does it so well and has shown that it’s one of her greatest assets as an actress.

Here are her five best movies.

5. The Martian

It’s easy to agree with Mike D’Angelo of AV Club that the astronaut in this movie that survived did so with an amazing amount of luck, but once he was discovered to be alive there’s no way that anyone that was hell-bent on getting him back were going to allow anyone to stand in their way. After all he had limited resources and was still making good on his bid to stay alive no matter how unlikely it seemed, and that kind of courage tends to get noticed and even appreciated since it’s further proof of the resiliency of the human spirit and what can be attained when one thinks quickly and deeply enough upon their predicament and how they can make it work for them.

4. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

Spoof movies are a lot of fun most times and this one really isn’t an exception since Walk the Line proved to be such a loved movie and this took off on that idea in a big way. Dewey Cox lost his sense of smell after a tragedy involving his brother being cut in half and his father turning on him while repeating that the wrong son died that day. As he grew up he started to sing and become a huge star that made a large number of mistakes and as you can likely guess became even bigger as his name started to spread and his fame started to get out of hand. Kristen got to play the role of his first wife that he kind of left in the dust, but she made a memorable character all the same.

3. The Diary of a Teenage Girl

Kate Erbland of IndieWire seems as though she might agree that this movie is something every young woman should take a look at simply because it’s not the average coming of age movie that we typically see on screen. But in that case it’s likely a movie that shows a person what NOT to do as they go through their sexual awakening since Minnie is anything but careful and tends to just go for whatever and whoever she wants without giving it enough thought. This of course tends to lead to little more than problems as she begins to spiral out of control after a while and finds out later on that she needs to love herself before she can love anyone else.

2. The Skeleton Twins

A.A. Dowd of AV Club is pretty accurate in stating that you can only resist this movie for so long since remaining cynical about the idea that Maggie and Milo are two very messed-up individuals is like beating a dead horse with a wet strand of spaghetti, pointless and way too hard to get into. Instead it’s recommended to just let the story flow as it will and lean into it now and then when it gets interesting so as to really get the whole gist of what’s going on and wonder just how anyone could stay with Maggie after the lies and the self-doubt that seems to mask the idea that she’s not worthy of anyone, while Milo does much the same but is a little better at hiding it with sarcasm.

1. Bridesmaids

Did anyone even know how much is expected of a maid of honor? It seems a bit kooky to think that one person would be able to plan so much and accommodate so many people even on a budget that would allow for such extravagances. A bridal shower where each person gets to leave with a puppy? A chocolate fountain that could possibly give a small nation a sugar buzz? Sometimes it seems that weddings, no matter how special they are, tend to cost just a little too much and cause WAY too much stress.

Kristen has had a great career thus far, here’s hoping it goes even further.

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