The Five Best Karl Urban Movies of His Career

The Five Best Karl Urban Movies of His Career

Karl Urban

Honestly Karl Urban looks like he should be a country singer for some reason, but thankfully he’s been doing what he’s really good at for a while now since his acting is probably a lot better than his singing. That being the case though it’s been kind of hard to notice him in some movies since honestly he does kind of get talked over and shoved into the background now and again in some of the movies he’s played in. But when he’s up front and prominent he can hold his own with just about anyone since he’s acted alongside Dwayne Johnson, Chris Pine, and many other big names that have helped him to look a little better on screen even as he’s done his bit to make them look more impressive. Karl isn’t quite the working man’s actor but he’s still someone that’s easy to look up to since he does his job and he does it well. He does tend to overact now and again, but it still works considering the movies he stars in.

Here are his five best movies.

5. Ghost Ship

Marissa Laliberte from Reader’s Digest certainly gets into the spirit since the idea of coming upon an abandoned ghost ship as happens in this movie is quite creepy, not to mention that it raises a LOT of questions. The Antonia Graza was actually based on a real ship, the Andrea Doria, which was lost at sea after a horrendous crash with the MS Stockholm in 1956. Unlike the Doria, the Graza continued to drift along the currents, supposedly unseen by any sailors as it might have been far outside of any shipping lanes. It’s hard to fathom, but it is a big ocean and a lot of things can happen if you ask those that ply the waters for a living.

4. Thor: Ragnarok

Jesse Schedeen of IGN gives a much better account of Skurge the Executioner than the movie did since Urban’s version was made into something of a joke when in the comics he’s one of Thor’s greatest enemies and far more capable than he’s shown here. This is why I roll my eyes when people defend any decision that has to be run by Kevin Feige or is deemed as great by those making the movies. This movie was very entertaining and pushed the story of Thor along even further but the idea of Skurge being some weak-kneed lackey instead of the powerhouse that he’s been for so long is one more reason why Disney is proving to be detrimental to just about everything it touches.

3. The Bourne Supremacy

It takes an assassin with some serious training to take on Jason Bourne and Urban’s character is up to the task in this movie, at least up to a point. His driving skills obviously aren’t quite on par with Bourne’s since he gets slammed in a tunnel and effectively taken out of the fight for the remainder of the movie. The character is seen to be fairly cold-blooded and doesn’t often miss, but when you’re hunting Jason Bourne ‘almost’ isn’t quite good enough since just winging him isn’t going to take the man down unless you severe one of his legs. That being the case, Bourne didn’t exactly walk away from this fight easily, but he still walked away.

2. Star Trek

Who would have thought years ago that we would have been able to get a younger, less cranky version of Bones? Well, we ended up getting a younger, equally cranky version at the very least since Urban might be bulkier and less crusty than the original, but he’s still just as nervy and as anxious as he played the part beautifully, hamming it up as the ship’s doctor and the good friend of James T. Kirk. Some people might want to argue over this but in truth Urban did a great job as Bones and it couldn’t have been done much better unless DeForest Kelly had been able to come back and take up the role.

1. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Eomer wasn’t known for being a patient man in this movie, especially given that he’d been sent out from his own home by a sniveling little toad of a wizard under the rule of Saruman. You could say that he was glad to come back near the end of the movie to help his uncle Theoden since Gandalf was the one that came to him and made the request. But among the many warriors in this movie and the next Eomer was without a doubt one of the deadliest and most resolute since his loyalty was unquestionable and his sword was raised for Rohan without any doubt. That’s the kind of warrior you expect to see in movies like this since it establishes an order that’s sorely needed.

Karl Urban is awesome, ’nuff said.

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