The Five Best Jemaine Clement Movies of His Career

The Five Best Jemaine Clement Movies of His Career

For being such a well-known actor and comedian it almost seems as though Jemaine Clement is the type of name that you hear every so often instead of all the time. It might be based more on who’s in the know and who has a working knowledge of who’s been there, who’s done that, and so on and so forth, but at the same time it almost seems as though a lot of people should know about this guy because he’s done so much that’s been front and center. Of course when you play bit parts in movies with equally popular if not more popular actors then it does manage to keep said individuals in the background a little more. Make no mistake about it though, Clement is without a doubt a big and very impressive talent that is there and is worth watching since he’s proven to be extremely as funny as well as entirely worth the effort.

Here are his five best movies.

5. Muppets Most Wanted

This is the type of movie in which a single actor can get lost in the mix since there are so many big names in this picture that it’s easy to think of how you might forget that someone who didn’t have a lot of lines might get forgotten. There are also those that tend to be more front and center in this story for one reason or another and Clement wasn’t exactly in the lead position when it came to this movie. He was there and he was noticeable of course but throughout the entire movie he had the same kind of bit play as a lot of the actors saw considering that a handful of big names took over quite often.

4. Dinner for Schmucks

In a movie that’s really all about finding the most eccentric and ‘out there’ individuals, it’s a wonder why Kieran wasn’t first on the list since the artist that Jemaine plays is by far and large as much of a screwball as any of the bunch that are finally invited to the table. This movie does give a good accounting of what it means to judge people based on what they do and how they act rather than who they are. That might seem funny and even odd to some people since it’s obvious that feelings have all but taken over in this era, but this movie at the very least gives a chance for people to realize that even the oddballs have something to contribute to society.

3. Despicable Me

This is again a very easy movie to lose someone in since the big names taking up the main parts are hard to get by, and the fact that Jemaine played the part of a minion is just another bit of proof that while he was there it was hard to notice. Saying that you played the part of a minion in a Despicable Me movie is all well and good since it means that you were a part of something great, but at the same time it’s hard to really notice in the movie itself since it’s such a hard thing to really verify apart from reading the credits. As fun as this movie was, and it’s still amusing to watch, it did kind of hide a couple of celebrities in the wings.

2. Moana

As Erica Garcia of ScreenRant has shown the song Shiny in this movie was actually inspired by another Disney crab, Sebastian, and his song Under the Sea. That’s pretty interesting when you think about it since this song seemed to come out of nowhere but was a lot of fun for just about everyone since when the bad guys sing it almost sounds ominous somehow. Tamatoa was pretty entertaining and it was because Clement was going for a kind of David Bowie quality to his voice apparently and it certainly worked. This was one of the most notable songs in the movie actually since it’s been remembered by a lot of people.

1. The Lego Batman Movie

You’ve got to hand it to the Joker in this movie since he knows how to go nutty when it comes to gathering an army and he even includes those villains from other movies when he enters the Phantom Zone, where he picks up such villains as Sauron kicking around. This movie was little more than amusing in a big way since it brought together the army of villains that Batman already has and brought in several others in order to round it out in a big way. It’s another movie that kind of loses Clement in the mix but at the same time he’s still allowed to put his personality into a character that a lot of people easily recognize.

He’s good, he’s really good, ’nuff said.

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