Best Girlfriend Ever Throws Impressive Lord Of The Rings Birthday Party

I believe that my wife is as dedicated a wife and mother as anyone on the planet.  However, would she go this distance for me on my birthday?  No disrespect to the love of my life but I can’t 100% say that she would.  Then again, I don’t have an obsession with any movie or television show that would warrant my wife gather up an idea to throw me a themed party.  I suppose this only works if your significant other has some sort of obsession you could turn into a party.

Anyway, what I would consider to be one of the world’s best girlfriends, threw a party that her boyfriend will never forget.  Clearly he’s got a thing for Lord of the Rings and said girlfriend went out of her way to create incredibly intricate invitations not to mention create an incredible setting for her man.  She went to great lengths to individually make a number of LOTR themed dishes and put up decorations that even Frodo himself would be proud of.

Check out the photos below:

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