The Five Best Ashley Tisdale Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Ashley Tisdale Movies of Her Career

Many people either know who Ashley Tisdale is or have at least heard her name since she’s been around for a while and has done plenty that might make her a known commodity in show business. She’s proven to be a funny, talented, and very pleasing actress throughout her career thus far, though some people might not take her as seriously as others for the simple reason that she’s been seen in a lot more kids’ shows than anything else, and even when she shows up in adult-themed movies she seems more comical than anything. That’s her charm though, as she is a beautiful and talented woman, but she seems destined to be able to be more comical than serious a lot of times, which seem to work since it’s allowed her to become so well known. In fact it’s one of the ways that people seem to prefer her.

Here are five of her best movies.

5. Picture This

It’s hard getting through high school with your social life intact, especially when you don’t have much of one to start with. Mandy is that girl that really wants a life, but isn’t about to ruin what she has in order to get it thankfully. She and her friends are looking to improve their outlook on life, but at the same time they’re trying to do so without giving up their integrity, which is rare in movies like this. Thankfully though by the end their efforts come to fruition and not only does Mandy get the boy of her dreams, but she finds out that her father is proud of the direction she’s taken and admits that he might need to let her go a little more often.

4. Amateur Night

As crazy as it might seem this story was supposedly based on real events, which is even crazier when you figure that the out of work architect that is hired on as a driver for a prostitute takes the job and then experiences one of the most insane nights of his life. From prostitutes getting bound up in bondage and then holding an entire bachelor party at gunpoint so that they can get paid one might think this would be a nightmare version of some guy’s idea of a heavenly assignment. But overall this is something that might make you wonder just how anyone could possibly say yes to a job like this.

3. Donnie Darko

Admittedly she has a small role in this but it couldn’t be left out since Donnie Darko is the kind of movie that doesn’t get left off of a lot of lists. In truth this is because it’s so macabre and so disturbing that people can’t help but be fascinated by it, especially when you factor in the cinematography and how it can give a person an almost anxious, detached feeling that was no doubt built up on purpose. You might have to look pretty closely to see that this is Ashley, but once you get the general idea that she’s younger and that she’s wearing a very different hairstyle it becomes a little more obvious.

2. High School Musical 2

Sharpay is obviously not the nicest of people but then again she is trying to win a boy’s attention and also trying to do something nice for him to get him to notice her. The teenage years are pretty rough, but when you can set everything to music it seems as though many moments can be made into something a lot more fun and engaging for everyone. It’s easy to see though that by the second movie that High School Musical was really starting to wind down and people were ready to move on. It’s amazing to think that peopled wanted another round of these movies, especially considering that the original actors were getting way too old for the roles.

1. Scary Movie V

The truth about these movies is that they started going downhill when the Wayans bowed out of them after the second one, but they’ve had their charms now and again since they’ve had some impressive cameos and funny material that didn’t really need Marlon or Shaun to help out with. In this installment the spoofs continue with the idea of Mama and Paranormal Activity taking the lead. There was even a Rise of the Planet of the Apes theme in there, which might have confused some people but still managed to entertain others. It’s true that the Scary Movie franchise kind of needed a big shot in the arm and this wasn’t it, but the movie was still pretty funny.

She’s proven that she has a lot of talent and a good deal of experience, but maybe as she gets older it would be great to see her diversify a bit more, if only to increase her fan base.

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