10 Behind the Scenes Secrets of “Say Yes to the Dress”

10 Behind the Scenes Secrets of “Say Yes to the Dress”

There are jobs that require a lot of patience and a lot of understanding, and the cast of Say Yes to the Dress is a great example of this. The people at Klienfeld’s have been in the wedding dress business for quite some time it would seem and they know how special it is for a woman to come in and want to find the ‘perfect’ dress that will highlight her special day. But if you’ve ever watched this show, and many people have, you might find yourself rolling your eyes more than once as the program goes on since there are so many dresses that get dug out of the back, and you only get to see a fraction of them. Just think of what the employees have to go through in order to really get anything sold. And then think about how often it is that someone actually comes in and just says yes to the first dress.

I know, not realistic. But here’s some things you might not have known about the show.

10. You can’t just walk in and be on the show.

You can make an appointment and walk into Kleinfeld’s, you can even walk in and inquire about a dress it seems like, but as far as being on the show goes you might get shooed off if they’re filming and you can’t simply walk in and expect to be a part of the show unless you audition or sign up.

9. Brides can spend up to five hours filming their appointment.

Keep in mind the women that do get on the show aren’t there just to try on dresses and then leave. They’ll be subjected to several hours of getting the right lighting, the right shot, and all the while trying on a certain number of dresses that they feel will suit them.

8. Any dresses that don’t get a big reaction are edited out.

Brides will usually try on a dozen or more dresses in order to find the one that they really like and the one that their family and friends will enjoy, but the only ones you’ll see will be those that get the biggest reactions. If they just wrinkle their nose or have a ho-hum attitude towards it then it’s not worth showing.

7. The main area is made to look a lot bigger than it is.

The sitting area is actually pretty small, but thanks to lighting and creative use of the space it appears a lot bigger and roomier than you might think it is. Plus, if there’s more than one bride in the store on any given day you can imagine that it gets kind of cramped.

6. There are three stockrooms in the store.

For the sake of time and not having to overwhelm the viewer you only ever get to see one of the stockrooms at a time, but even those seem to be packed to the gills with dresses that come from around 60 different designers and can cost from several to tens of thousands of dollars.

5. The most expensive dress sold at the store was $70,000.

You can just imagine that this dress was treated like solid gold, or very expensive glass, since a garment that costs more than many people’s car is something you don’t want to breathe on wrong, let alone rip or tear by accident. You’ve got to wonder though, how in the world are the prices set?

4. You never get to see the alterations room on the show.

It could be that it’s just not exciting enough or might take too long, but you’ll never see the alterations room on the show. It’s one of the most important rooms in the entire business but it gets no love in the show it seems. No pun intended.

3. Every bride that passes muster will be on the show.

It doesn’t matter if the bride ends up getting a divorce soon after her wedding, her episode will still air and it will still be touted as a momentous time in her life. After all, shopping for a bridal dress is supposed to be a one-time thing for many people, but the first is always the most special.

2. The show has definitely been a boon for Kleinfeld’s.

Word of mouth and the show itself has gone a long way into getting more people to come to the store whether they’re on the show or not. They’ve been getting more and more people in from different locations near and far since the show went on the air.

1. “Say yes to the dress” was a saying before the show was ever conceived.

It would seem that this has been Kleinfeld’s motto for a long time, before the show was ever thought up in fact. That must have made it easy to come up with the title.

No matter how crazy this show seems, just remember that a wedding is a bride’s day first and foremost. We men just slip into a tux and are ready to go for the most part. Well, some of us.

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