Behind Her Eyes: See How David Straightens His Records with the Police

Behind Her Eyes: See How David Straightens His Records with the Police

Can you remember the last time a series made you scratch your head? Behind Her Eyes, TV Series will make you call your barber thinking your hair is all grown. What starts as an illicit affair is later turning out to be unimaginable scenes full of drama. As expected, David is so concerned about his wife, Adele. Adele is also worried about David because he has kept her in the dark about some things. She feels that he is not doing the right by her or Emily. She is tired of getting hurt all the time, and sometimes she doesn’t know what to do. In her own words: “I feel like I am living the same day over and over again.” The Last Supper (Episode 2 title) where Adele gets a call from Emily asking Adele to come to her house as she has some vital information about West (Richard Coyle), the man who may have abducted them two years ago. However, it appears like she has other plans in store that she didn’t tell her.

Emily Plans a Romantic Dinner: Is Adele Aware?

Adele arrives at Emily’s house and opens the door to find a table that is set for a romantic dinner. However, there is only one place setting (hers). She hears David’s voice telling her to come in and have a seat. When she walks into the kitchen, she sees that he has been cooking a nice meal all alone, and he invites her for dinner. It makes Adele confused about what is going on. David points out that the food is ready and she should sit down now. When Adele sits, David takes her hand to hold it, and he offers a toast for their excellent health. However, when he asks her how she likes her steak cooked, Adele slaps him on the face in anger because of what he has done. Behind Her Eyes takes a new twist when Louise learns that Adele is Adele’s old friend Rob. They had gone on a holiday with Louise and David. When they come back, an incident occurred that caused Adele to leave her family behind in London. During the vacation, there was an elephant attack at the party in which Rob, Louise, and David were injured, and Adele almost lost her life.

Since then, she left everything behind for a fresh start. Adele faces the unimaginable challenge of David learning that she is a woman while an unknown killer threatens Louise. David discovers the deception as he threatens to kill her unless he reveals the truth about why his wife left him. The threat sends Rob into a panic, and Adele’s life starts crumbling even more. The police can’t get the truth from Louise because she is threatened with death by the killer. When Rob finds her body, he is arrested and charged with murder. The police are convinced he killed his wife and stepdaughter so that he can be with Adele, but they can’t prove it.  Then David is seen threatening Adele, saying that she should agree to tell the truth if she wants him not to hurt Louise. Will she play along?

Behind Her Eyes Takes a Twist

Rob and Adele become inseparable at the mental facility. Everyone needs to be loved, appreciated, have a home, and live without struggles in life. And you would also do anything to acquire such kind of life. Being ambitious helps you achieve such a type of life or be close to what you imagine, which is well shown by all the characters throughout the series. Behind Her Eyes shows life reality, how we wish for ourselves but treats others differently. It sets an excellent example of how betrayal, infidelity, and identity crisis affect individuals you come across. The characters have different class and status full of personal twists, anxiety, sleepwalking – the struggles they are going through makes it easy for them to create a close relationship.

Louise(Simona Brown), a mother to a seven-year-old, struggles with raising her son (Adam) and overcoming divorce. On a rare night, she comes across this handsome man, David, who makes her heartbeat stop. Then David cuts their kiss – she realizes he will be her boss in the psychiatrist’s office where she is an administrative assistant, and he is married to Adele. After Louise meets with Adele, she gets confused about whether to cut off her ties with David and befriend his wife or ignore her. She wonders what could happen, and both don’t have a clue she’s a friend to them. That is when she decided to continue flirting with David while playing friend with Adele. Furthermore, they do know!

Is David as Innocent?

As the heated rivalry between Louise and Adele grows, Louise swears to have David as her own. Louise confronts David with Rob’s killing. She wants to get information to stage Adele for the death. A flashback reminds her that Adele told her Rob died of a heroin overdose, and he threw himself into a well where David’s watch fell in the process. And David decides to speak to the cop – he’s ready to face the truth. When Adele learns David is ready to spill out the truth, she swears she better have oblivion than stay alone. That’s when the plan to soak a rag, heroin injection, and a liquid comes into her mind, which she shares with Louise. With her soft heart, she rushes to save Adele(too bad) – that is how their spirits mingle.

Stealing David from her is not as easy as she thought. Louise can’t move; she’s in Adele’s intoxicated body, a plan that has worked as intended. Another lethal shot of heroin kills Louise in Adele’s body, and Adele goes ahead and drags her body to the streets, tears in her eyes. Cops appear! And how did David prove his innocence? A flashback reveals Rob and Adele trying to agree on the astral project and body switch. Rob agrees, then shoots himself (In Adele’s body), but Adam suspects something is wrong with ‘his mother.’ What a twist? Do you want to miss all that confusion, tears, lies, and infidelity? Behind Her Eyes is you’re your plug!

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