10 Things You Didn’t Know about Beauty Khan

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Beauty Khan

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Beauty Khan

Growing up even two decades ago meant that the most famous people in the world were celebrities and royals. The Queen of England, for example, was quite famous. George Clooney and Julia Roberts and everyone who ever starred in “FRIENDS,” were all very famous. Today, they’re all still famous. However, people like Beauty Khan are also famous. She’s an Indian YouTube star who isn’t in movies or running a nation as a royal. She’s just a young woman who has a lot to share on the internet, people like her, follow her, and she’s just made herself famous. The world of social media stars and influencers is growing rapidly, and it’s amazing to think how much has changed in the past 10 years. However, we also thought it was time to get to know more about YouTube stars like Beauty Khan. Here’s what you need to know.

1. She’s Young

She was born on March 18, 1999. This means she will celebrate her 22nd birthday in 2021. We wonder how she spent her time celebrating her 21st birthday back in 2020, though the date of her birthday was after the world locked down due to the beginning of the global pandemic, so we imagine she didn’t get to celebrate at all how she would have liked.

2. She’s Educated

She grew up attending a private school in India. Once she finished with her primary schooling and graduated high school, she made the decision to continue her education. She’s currently attending college in a place called Kolkata. She’s looking to graduate with a degree in the arts.

3. She’s Close to Her Family

She is very close to both her mother and her sister. They lost her father when she was a child, and the three have been exceptionally close ever since. It’s lovely to us that they have one another knowing that there was a time when they were heartbroken and lost.

4. She’d Like to Become an Actress

It’s been said more than once that her dream is to become an actress, and she will do whatever it takes to make that happen. She’s got a lot going on in her life, and we think it’s lovely that she’s looking to further her career and make that happen. She should do what she can to make her dreams come true.

5. She’s Very Popular on Instagram

On Instagram, she has more than 1.7 million followers as of January 2021. Only six months before in the summer of 2020, she had just over a half million followers. What this means is she is growing substantially in popularity on the social network, and she’s probably making a lot of money from her work there. She’s got more than a million followers, which puts her in a place where she’s able to charge a significant price for each post she makes.

6. She Has a Huge TikTok Following

Beauty Khan is killing it on TikTok, too. She has more than 21.5 million followers, and she’s got more than 640 million likes on her work. She’s clearly someone that her followers adore, and her content is generating a lot of user interest.

7. She’s Delivering Positive Messages

She might be young, but she is not so young that she doesn’t realize the importance of seeing the beauty in everything. She’s made it clear she knows that beauty is a blessing, and she’s going to look for the most beautiful things in life when she has a chance. She is filled with appreciation for the beauty in life, and it’s a good thing.

8. She Has Great Captions

Many people use their captions to share things that they want to share, but there is always room for improvement. Beauty Khan uses her own social media captions to spread messages of positivity. She likes to share things she feels her followers need to hear or need to be reminded of, and that’s such a great way to use her influence.

9. She’s Very Private

Despite the fact that she shares so much of her life on the internet, she’s a very private person. She’s made it clear that her life is her life, she doesn’t share too much of it, and she doesn’t let people know anything she doesn’t want them to know. That’s a great thing.

10. Bold Colors are Her Best Friend

We love looking through her photos on Instagram. She makes bold colors look positively radiant. Not that they aren’t already, but she really does rock a vibrant red and a bright blue. And green, and yellow, and orange, and there’s no color she doesn’t look spectacular wearing.

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