Bachelor Winter Games First Promo Arrives Promising Tears

I’ll agree that the Bachelor Winter Games will likely promise tears, but more likely they’ll be tears of frustration as to why, oh why, this show is even being considered to be worth airing. As we all know by now, or at least those that read and watch do, The Bachelor is going downhill quickly without taking time to pump the brakes at all. The Bachelorette is going the same way gradually, so is this the way they’re going to try and bring more interest to the show? Or is this just a last gasp effort to get in a new spinoff while they can and cash in on the fame of the Olympic Games that’s arriving in South Korea this coming February? At this point it seems like another way to get people to watch as the format gets messed with a bit and the losers from past seasons get thrown in the mix together just to start it all over again in a sort of free for all that will possibly make people want to tune in.

While I can understand the fervor towards enjoying the Winter Olympics and trying to do something, anything, to save the show and make it appealing again, this is about as bad as Capcom vs. Marvel. In other words let’s just throw in everyone we can find, give them a host of issues to work out, a bunch of games they can play, and a lot of drama we can stir up and let the pot settle as it will. Oh and let’s definitely make sure that people know it coincides with the Olympic Games so that we can get some patriotism laced in there just to make sure that people don’t forget why this is happening.


At this point I get the feeling that the writers are just sitting around throwing out ideas until someone finally asks why don’t they just go with what they have and do something a little off the wall so that people won’t know they’re running dry in the idea department. Does that sound mean? Does it sound challenging? Good, it needs to be and it should be taken as an open challenge to TV writers everywhere. It doesn’t take a lot of moxy to write, it doesn’t even take a great deal of imagination to sit down and jot down notes that will eventually lead you to something that might be original even if it’s not something that people would immediately get behind. Just don’t make it something that people have seen so many times and have grown tired of. How many people have we seen cry on TV? How many times have we really believed that they’re in that much emotional agony but will still allow themselves to cry and blubber away on camera? Does anyone really feel like being filmed when they’re a sobbing mess?

I would really love to see TV writers come up with something unique and original and leave reality TV to die a slow but memorable death eventually, as it’s kind of run its course as of now.

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