“Bachelor in Paradise” is Profiting off of Sexual Misconduct

“Bachelor in Paradise” is Profiting off of Sexual Misconduct

Reality television does bank on sensationalism to a degree, to boost their ratings but are there certain topics that can harm more than help? The “Bachelor in Paradise” series has recently had it’s share of bad publicity because of allegations of sexual misconduct, filed in court by one of the cast members. It appears that the idea of sexual misconduct is being viewed as entertainment more than what it really is. That is a social ill that requires correction.

Seriousness of the charges

While sexual assault may be entertainment for some, there is a huge segment of the population who don’t view it as novel or anything that they want to be associated with. This is particularly true for those who have themselves been the victims, or had loved ones in the predicament. The consequences for proving such accusations can be dire including jail time, loss of reputation and even monetary fines. The victims who do not have sufficient evidence do not receive closure and suffer personal damage as a result. After allegations were reported in the legal system, production of the series ground to a halt. There was uncertainty about whether the next season would be aired. There was a period of time when viewers didn’t know if the producers had actually just stood by while a crime was taking place, and did nothing. It didn’t cast the series in a positive light for most.

What we learned from the incident

Regardless of anything else, the world learned a very valuable lesson about sex, alcohol and consent. When a person is under the influence their perceptions and judgment becomes impaired. Filming intimate moments when people are not in control of their faculties raises a serious question about the ethics of those in charge. While some may view drunken liaisons as being humorous, the situations can have far reaching consequences, as we’ve seen, for everybody involved.

Turning controversy into entertainment

Of course the execs are going to do everything that they can to preserve the integrity of the show. If they can capitalize on the sensationalism of the case, they’re going to. It’s very much about ratings and profit, this is just good business sense. There are two ways to look at the situation. There are frequently circumstances that put the people involved in sticky situations. Chris Harrison’s beach scene that addressed viewers and the reasons that they watched the series did have an impact.

There were promises made in an attempt to somewhat gloss over the event that took place, but the overriding message was that the drama that had taken place was considered by them to be “extra special.” The major crux of the spot was to get people excited about the controversy and make them want to see it. Sure, it’s a form of exploitation of he situation. He was inviting people to learn more about the sexual misconduct that occurred as though it was a very good thing that had happened, and it would somehow make the show more exciting.

There are good things that happen on the show. Carly and Evan are getting married and it’s nice to see two people find each other. There are plenty of great things we can say about the show, but exploitation of a situation in which sexual assault was alleged is not one of them. It came off as being a bit callous with regard to the feelings of the victim.

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