Awkward 3.01 “Cha-cha-cha-changes and Responsibly Irresponsible” Recap

Awkward-Cha-cha-cha-changes-Responsibly-IrresponsibleAwkward was finally back and what the heck was up with sadistic Sadie? She had a side ponytail, was puking in the bathroom and dressed like a hobo. Was she pregnant or just going through a rough time? It was actually a rough time. Her parents are broke. Phew, I don’t think her high school would be ready for her raging prenatal hormones.

As for Jenna, she was having a hard time reconnecting with her friends and being ignored. Well, that’s what happens when you’ve been wrapped up in a Matty cocoon all sumer whilst Tamara was traipsing through Europe and Ming was learning Mandarin. You can’t be upset when you’ve failed to stay in communication with them. Also, you can’t be upset that Jake and Tamara are a singular unit. Yes, you dated Jake, but in the end you chose Matty and gave Tamara the thumbs up for a European rendezvous with Jake. Plus, let’s be honest, Jake and Tamara are obviously a better fit.

“My name may be Mr. Hart, but I don’t have one.” Yes, Jenna’s new creative writing teacher (played by Anthony Michael Hall) may just be my kindred spirit. He, Grumpy Cat and I could totally start a pessimism posse.

Jenna took a pregnancy test and found out that her eggo was not preggo, but it seems her non-news paled in comparison to the news that shook the school: Ricky Schwartz died from a peanut allergy.

The school was mourning Ricky’s death (well, except for Sadie), by taking advantage of the situation by getting out of class to head to the beach and go to the movies. The mourning continued at Ricky’s vigil (put on by Kyle), which turned into a kegger in the woods.

Jenna ended up confessing to Jake that she thought she was pregnant, which he then told Matty. DRAMA!!!!

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