The Auton Dream Machine is the Ultimate Under-the-Bed TV Lift

If you have the money to buy an Auton Dream Machine then you’re in for a treat.  Unfortunately they cost the same as an 85 inch SONY flatscreen television.  In case you’re wondering, these things retail at about $7,600.  However, once you see the video demonstrations you’ll understand why this is the latest toy for the wealthy.   It stores a flatscreen under your bed and pulls it out and points it at you with the push of a button.

It’s a space saver.  It’s a novelty.  It’s even classy because you can surround it with whatever style you want.  Most fit seamlessly into the furniture and color schemes of the bed frame.  And I have to say as a parent I love the idea of having my television disappear whenever I want it to.  You could have fun for days messing with your kids by telling them the television is gone.

Perhaps like televisions the steep price will come down in due time.  I have a feeling this product will eventually not even exist as beds with built-in televisions are bound to be in our future.  Still though, for now, there aren’t too many products out there like it.

Check out the demo videos below:

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