Austin Butler in Hannah Montana to Austin Butler Potential Academy Award Nominee

Austin Butler in Hannah Montana to Austin Butler Potential Academy Award Nominee
Austin Butler in Hannah Montana to Austin Butler Potential Academy Award Nominee

Credit: @austinbutler

Austin Butler is a name everyone recognizes right now. He’s Elvis, who beat out some major movie stars to land the role of music’s most iconic singer. The man who set the world on fire was played by a kid who was once a Disney and Nickelodeon star, and most people don’t even know it. Did you know Austin Butler was on Hannah Montana? The young star had a two-episode arc when he was only a teen. He might be in his early 30s, but Austin Butler on Hannah Montana was the teen heartthrob everyone wanted to date. What else don’t you know about Austin Butler?

Other People Wanted This Role

Austin Butler on Hannah Montana might be the biggest news you’ve heard all day, at least in terms of being shocking. However, it’s nothing compared to the fact that this actor beat out some of Hollywood’s biggest stars to play the part of Elvis. We talked briefly about that Top Gun: Maverick star Miles Teller thought he might pay Elvis at some point. He feels he resembles him, and it’s been his biggest goal in life to play the part of Elvis in a movie. Don’t think he didn’t try to make this happen, either. Miles Teller wanted it. Additionally, Harry Styles also wanted the role. However, they did not get it; it is a story worth telling.

Austin Butler in Hannah Montana to Austin Butler Potential Academy Award Nominee

Credit: @austinbutler

The Miles Teller/Austin Butler Saga

Let’s introduce you to Denise Chamian, CSA. She is a casting director, and she’s been a big fan of both Austin Butler and Miles Teller for some time. Here’s where things get super interesting, though. Their paths cross more than Kevin Bacon’s with just about everyone on the planet earth (and if you don’t know that joke, we know you’re young). Chamian was the casting director for the 2013 film “The Maze Runner,” for which Austin Butler auditioned. He did not get the part. However, it wasn’t because he was not talented. Chamian liked him for the role, but he was just a bit too young on screen. He couldn’t quite get rid of his youth for the role, but she’s thought of him regularly for years.

When Chamian was casting the characters in Top Gun: Maverick, she had Austin Butler on the shortlist to play Rooster. Ultimately, though, she chose Miles Teller for the role. However, when it came to casting for Elvis, she had something else in mind. Miles Teller wanted it, but she wanted Austin Butler for the role. So, she chose both of them, but she also chose them for the opposite roles of what they wanted. We’d like to say she has a major eye for all things good and right when it comes to the right casting.

Could Austin Butler Earn an Academy Award?

When Alexis Rose asked her mother about her favorite season, the infamous Moira Rose said, “Award Season,” of course. It might only be September, but award season is quickly approaching. The Oscars are filmed every February, you know, and it is around the corner. This means Oscar buzz is already being discussed within the groups of people who are in the know. And, it just so happens that there are a few people who are in the known and think that it might be Austin Butler on stage on Oscar night.

Austin Butler in Hannah Montana to Austin Butler Potential Academy Award Nominee

Credit: @austinbutler

Variety’s senior awards editor Clayton Davis is already talking about his Academy Award predictions for the 2023 show. His job is to predict these things, and he’s been at it for a long. Not for nothing, he’s good at what he does, and he already thinks that Austin Butler is on the shortlist for a Best Actor nomination at the Oscars. Who else does he think is on the list? He thinks that when the Academy Award nominees are announced in early 2023, the Best Actor nominees will be as follows:

  • Austin Butler for Elvis
  • Brendan Frasier for The Whale
  • Colin Farrell for The Banshees of Inisherin
  • Hugh Jackman for The Son
  • Billy Nighy for Living

On that note, if these are not the names called on the morning of the awards nominations, Davis has a few in mind who might replace one or two of the above-listed names. He does believe that there is a smaller chance Tom Cruise might be nominated for Top Gun: Maverick. He’s leaning toward Jeremy Pope of The Inspection, and he’s not discounting Adam Sandler for Hustle. There is a lot of talent on the list this year, which means it’ll be a tough choice for the Academy.

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