Discovering Armando Rubio: 10 Fascinating Facts About the 90 Day Fiancé Star

Discovering Armando Rubio: 10 Fascinating Facts About the 90 Day Fiancé Star

Discovering Armando Rubio: 10 Fascinating Facts About the 90 Day Fiancé Star

Armando Rubio, one half of the first gay male couple in 90 Day Fiance history, has captured the hearts of many viewers. After years of hiding his true self, Armando is now embracing his identity and sharing his journey with the world. The show follows Armando and his American boyfriend, Kenneth, as they navigate the challenges of merging their lives together. Let’s dive into 10 fascinating facts about Armando Rubio from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

1. A Culinary Enthusiast

While many people enjoy eating, not everyone shares the same passion for cooking. Armando, however, loves both. He takes pleasure in preparing a variety of Mexican dishes for his loved ones, and the food he creates looks absolutely mouthwatering. His presentation skills only add to the appeal.

2. A Passion for Travel

Born and raised in Mexico, Armando has always been eager to explore the world around him. Although most of his travels have been within his home country, he relishes the opportunity to visit the many beautiful sights Mexico has to offer.

3. The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Armando’s Instagram bio reveals that he is an entrepreneur, although the specifics of his business remain unclear. This entrepreneurial mindset will undoubtedly be beneficial, especially since Kenneth has already mentioned that finances may be tight for the couple.

4. Armando Made the First Move

Despite their significant age difference, with Kenneth being the older of the two, it was Armando who first expressed interest in Kenneth. The couple met in an online support group for gay dads, and from the beginning, their age gap was never an issue for either of them.

5. Rebuilding Family Relationships

Coming out to loved ones can be a daunting experience, particularly if there’s a fear of negative reactions. Armando experienced this anxiety when opening up to his parents, but the conversation went smoother than expected. He is now working on rebuilding an authentic relationship with them.

6. A Previous Marriage

Armando was married to a woman for eight years before making the difficult decision to come out to her. His sexuality caused a significant strain on their relationship, ultimately leading to divorce proceedings. Tragically, Armando’s ex-wife passed away in a car accident before the divorce was finalized.

7. Skincare is a Priority

Maintaining a proper skincare routine is essential, as neglecting it can result in dryness and affect one’s appearance. Armando takes his skincare very seriously, often using face masks to remove toxins and keep his skin healthy.

8. An Outdoor Enthusiast

Spending time outdoors can be a great way to relax and appreciate the beauty of nature. Armando loves being outside whenever possible, and with Mexico’s year-round pleasant weather, it’s easy to enjoy the great outdoors.

9. A Proud Girl Dad

Armando is a devoted father to his young daughter, Hannah. Raising a child alone is no easy feat, but he manages to make it work. It’s evident that his daughter is his pride and joy, and their close relationship is truly heartwarming.

10. A Little White Lie

When Armando first began filming for 90 Day, he couldn’t be entirely honest with his family about the reason for the TLC cameras. Instead of revealing the truth, he claimed he was participating in a reality documentary about his life – which, in all fairness, isn’t entirely false.

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