Why Aren’t More Hollywood Men Condemning Woody Allen?

Why Aren’t More Hollywood Men Condemning Woody Allen?

Woody Allen’s name has returned to the news because there is renewed interest in Dylan Farrow’s claim. For those who are unfamiliar with the claim, Dylan Farrow is the daughter of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, who claimed that one day when her mother had headed out shopping, she was sexually assaulted by her father in their attic when she was no more than seven years old. Although Woody Allen was never tried, there were a fair number of people who believed Dylan Farrow’s claim when it was made, not least because of Woody Allen’s inappropriate behavior towards her. However, it is clear that the numbers of the people who believed her were not enough, as shown by the fact that Woody Allen continued to have a career in the entertainment industries afterwards.

However, the publication of Ronan Farrow’s article on Harvey Weinstein in The New Yorker seems to have broken a dam of sorts, though it should be mentioned that momentum had been building up for some time before that point. Now, people are more willing to believe those who come forward with accusations of sexual misconduct, which isn’t limited to the claims being made in the present but also extends to the claims made in the past. As a result, it is no wonder that people are listening once more to Dylan Farrow’s story about what was done to her by her own father, which in turn, means passing judgment on the one who did that.

Who Are the Actresses and Actors Condemning Woody Allen?

So far, a number of actresses and actors have spoken out against Woody Allen. Sometimes, those who have spoken out are expressing their contrition at either working with Woody Allen or not having believed in Dylan Farrow or a combination of both. Other times, those who have spoken out are speaking out to distance themselves from Woody Allen, whether because of their sincere feelings on the matter, because of a functional business sense telling them that associating with Woody Allen could tarnish their own brands, or because of both motivations at the same time. Whatever the case, the list of those who have spoken out against Woody Allen is growing longer and longer, which is an interesting example of the increased seriousness with which people are treating accusations of sexual misconduct in the present time.

With that said, it is interesting to note that those who have spoken out against Woody Allen seem to include a lot more actresses than actors. Some examples of those actresses include but are not limited to Greta Gerwig, Rebecca Hall, and Mira Sorvino. In contrast, a lot of the actors who have worked with Woody Allen in the past have chosen to remain silent, while Alec Baldwin voiced support for Woody Allen on the basis that charges were never filed against him. This isn’t to say that actors haven’t spoken out against Woody Allen, as shown by Griffin Newman, who has pledged to donate his earnings from working with Woody Allen. However, there does seem to be a notable difference between how actresses are responding and how actors are responding. Regardless, it seems clear that at this point, Woody Allen’s career is coming to an end, either once his latest movie has been released or perhaps even before that point should be the uproar become loud enough.

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