Are We Going to See Will’s Dad Again in Stranger Things Season 4?

Are We Going to See Will’s Dad Again in Stranger Things Season 4?

Going by the reasoning that Kara Hedash of Screenrant has given it could be that that we might see Lonnie Byers, Joyce’s ex and Will and Jonathan’s deadbeat father. Even more important is that he could, thanks to a theory, be one of the minor antagonists in the show since it’s already been established he’s a creep and doesn’t really care that much about his boys or about Joyce when it was determined that he was trying to get money out of Will’s apparent demise. To be honest Lonnie is the kind of dad that a lot of people wouldn’t be too sad to see go since he’s been a big nothing to the Byers family, a non-presence that only shows up when he figures there’s something in it for him. But thanks to that line of thinking it might be perfect to see him in season 4 since it could set up a bigger threat to Will and Jonathan, and possibly even Eleven, than they’ve faced in the past. The idea is that Joyce and Murray would somehow find out that Hopper is alive and would find a way to go after him to stage a rescue, leaving the kids behind this time since a trip to Russia wouldn’t exactly be the best idea for Eleven or Will, as both of them have had something to do with the main plot and might be a little too close to the Upside Down for comfort if they were brought along.

Where Lonnie would come in however is kind of hard to see at first but easier once you get the gist that there are still interested parties looking for Eleven and possibly for Will. The thought that Lonnie could find out where his sons are and would gladly give up Will for a hefty payday is beyond even what most deadbeat fathers would be thought capable of, but given the fact that he was ready to make a payday off of his son’s supposed corpse it’s not really beyond Lonnie to do much of anything of this magnitude. Of course the saving grace at this point is that Jonathan actually cares for his brother and there’s the hope that Eleven will be getting her powers back, meaning that she could easily contend with Lonnie unless he had backup with him, which might be the case. It’s very easy to think that Hawkins isn’t done with the Byers just yet, no matter that they’ve moved out of town and are likely going to be seen to lose touch with their friends at least in some way. There’s simply too much story to be delved into at this point to think that the story won’t go back to Hawkins at least one more time since despite the lab being closed down there’s still plenty that was left behind for those that are determined enough to break through the Upside Down again. And for all we know, the barrier between the Upside Down and Hawkins could have been weakened by being opened and then shut again, and the Mind Flayer has already shown itself to be insanely powerful, so perhaps there’s a chance that it could find another way into this world that doesn’t involve the Russians.

It’s still going to be a while until we get to see season 4 roll out however since like it or not studios are still closed and there’s no way that Stranger Things is going to be able to be filmed on separate camera phones as other shows have attempted or are going to attempt to do since for one, the time period wouldn’t allow considering that the earliest camera phone wasn’t released to the public until 1999, and two, that would make for one funky season since it would be kind of like a found footage show and it’s very likely that fans would be good and pissed at the attempt. How much further back the season is going to be pushed however is kind of hard to say since until we learn just when the studios are going to open it’s almost impossible to do anything but guess at when production can really get going. The idea of seeing Lonnie Byers though would be kind of a trip since it would almost appear that the showrunners are trying to double down on the bad guy that has some redeeming qualities in using another individual that’s kind of like Billy Hargrove but doesn’t have as big of a chance at a redemption arc and should probably just be fed to a Demogorgon or one of the demidogs, or whatever else decides to come out of the Upside Down. Come on, who would be against seeing that? Hopefully we’ll know more about when the season is going to kick off eventually, but for now the rumor mill is going to have to keep spinning.

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