Are We Going To See an Encino Man 2?

How many different ways can a person say ‘no’ to make it known that an Encino Man 2 isn’t a good idea? Keep in mind the main actors are all three decades older and even if it happens it’s likely that Link would be completely modernized now with his missus and possibly a kid or two roaming about, calling him lame and acclimating to the world around them quicker than even their father did. The hope would be that no more cavemen or women would be popping up out of the ground, but somehow that feels as though it could be part of the plan, or to have something else come popping up out of the ground, such as dinosaurs or other prehistoric beasts. To be real it sounds like something that would be strictly for kids and any adults that wanted to try to regain some of the enjoyment the first movie brought, but being that it would be on Disney+ it’s hard to tell what it would be like.

It would almost sound as though there isn’t any real reason why Encino Man 2 shouldn’t happen, but at the same time, it feels as though it needs to be left alone. The first movie ended on a high note with everyone but Stony hooking up, which felt right somehow since the right woman hadn’t come along. But apart from that, Link and Dave were hooked up and supposedly happy, which usually means that when a sequel is made, they’re no longer happy and have been divorced or separated from the woman they loved for a long time and are pining for them. Or they’re still married, have kids, even grandkids, and are just trudging through life without any purpose left as they try to figure out what life is all about once again. My question to people would be this: Does a happy ending even exist anymore?

Some might say that yes, it does, but that it’s a conditional thing and it’s for each person to figure out on their own, while others would scoff and say of course it doesn’t since the real world keeps going and we have to deal with everything that comes our way regardless of whether we want to or not. That’s so chipper and cheery, isn’t it? This point was made with The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, which just closed out its first season recently. The show had a lot of modern-day cringe but at its core was a decent show and a lot of fun. The only issue is that as anyone who watched the show saw, Gordon Bombay went back to being a bitter individual that didn’t like kids or hockey, or so he said, and the Mighty Ducks became the institution that thrived while also becoming the team that forgot what it meant to have fun with the game.

In fact, the team even forgot about Bombay in a big way even though he was a local legend. In other words, the future of the Mighty Ducks became pretty bleak and downtrodden no matter how high the team name had been elevated. It might not be drawn up this way, but it does feel as though Encino Man 2 might actually be taken in the same direction, more or less. That’s just depressing to think about really since trying to imagine an out-of-shape Link sitting on the couch after a hard day at work while his wife if she’s still around, either works or stays home is tough to do. One also has to think about who would really want to come back to the movie, since Brendan Fraser, Pauly Shore, and Sean Astin are apparently ready to come back, but there’s been no word on anyone else.

This is one of those times at, as a fan of the movie, it might be best to say no and simply remember the movie the way it was while enjoying a showing every now and then. Seriously, putting all disbelief aside, which is necessary, this movie was pretty funny and it was touching as well since Link taught Stoney and Dave as much as they taught him, such as the importance of family and sticking together. But taking this thirty years into the future and trying to make a modernized version of the same thing sounds like a bad idea. I kind of hope I’m not alone in that thought since a lot of people still like Encino Man and might want to see a sequel, but it feels like a bad idea. Even with the right director, this sounds like a non-starter simply because it would require the same type of situation that occurred back in the day, meaning people would have to walk into the movie without any big expectations. That doesn’t sound possible right now.

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