Are We Going to see a Batman Beyond Season 4?

Batman Beyond

Sometimes it’s all about the cold, hard cash in hand that is needed to really push another season of a show no matter how much people want to see it. Batman Beyond could be coming back for season 4 but as ScreenRant’s Daniel Alvarez has written, the Blu-ray that’s out for sale needs to sell well enough to prove to Warner Bros. that the demand for this version of the dark knight is that high. For the last three seasons people seemed to respond quite well to this new version of Batman and were willing to see more since Terry McGinnis took over the mantle of the Batman and was mentored by an elderly Bruce Wayne. The show was seen as a fitting way to carry on the legend of a hero that’s been seen as a massive part of the DC universe and as a result people are no doubt hanging on every idea simply because it is Batman but are also willing to see another season since it was kind of entertaining. Some people might still be skeptical but at the same time they might tune in to actually see what’s going on with the show out of sheer curiosity.

Batman Beyond was initially something that seemed as though it could have flopped horribly since like many hero stories years ago it was seen as an attempt to revamp a legendary character that had been going strong for so long and seemed to need a new image. He’s not the only hero that’s been given the the futuristic treatment, as Spider-Man, the X-Men, and several others were given comic book spinoffs that didn’t really go anywhere. But Batman Beyond was an idea that somehow gained traction where others didn’t and was able to stick around for long enough to really push a story line or two that could be embraced by the fans. The fact that it was is and isn’t surprising since it is Batman after all and people have been seen to embrace the idea of Batman for years and years now. But the futuristic aspect is something that’s been seen as hit and miss when it comes to a lot of story lines. What might have worked in Batman Beyond’s favor however is that it followed a clear line of succession and didn’t simply jump forward without any in-depth explanation of how Terry McGinnis came to wear the mantle of the dark knight, altered as it was. Bruce Wayne was still around, some of his old enemies were still around, as it was evidenced when the Joker showed up yet again, and as a result this spoke to those that wanted to see a new version of Batman but still catered to those that remember the old Batman. Giving concession to fans of different age groups tends to work better than being completely bound to the future or the past since it allows both older and younger fans to come together over a shared ideal.

More than that however is the fact that Batman Beyond did manage to change the franchise just a bit, but not enough to really re-invent the wheel. Eventually you can see how the show might have become its own entity without needing to dip back into the storied past of the hero that kicked it off, but thankfully it never really lost sight of that ideal. Going by fan reaction it would seem that Batman Beyond is bound to remain a popular installment in the history of the character. However it it does still have some ground to cover in order to really be stamped into legend as the original character has been over the years. While the series is popular enough to consider bringing back, it’s still unknown by quite a few people, both young and old that might know little to nothing of the series. Returning the series to prominence could be a good idea, but it still needs to be done in a way that will keep people interested rather than sated for the time being.

It now falls to the sales of the Batman Beyond Blu-ray to see just how likely it will be to see this show come back to television. Gaining the numbers it needs shouldn’t be too hard since the show does have an impressive fan base that want to see it return. Having already proven itself as a worth successor when it came out initially, Batman Beyond could possibly be the next chapter in the Batman story that might start seeing some serious development. The desire to see this show brought back to TV is something that might not seem like a big deal to some people, but at the same time it seems newsworthy enough to talk about, and to mention to those that are interested.

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